Feature: The Pan Speed FD – Reborn

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The last time I saw this car was literally a year ago; and I can tell you, it looked nothing like this.  Yes, this is the same FD chassis that PanSpeed commissioned last year at HKS Premium Day, except that this year the car has gone through quite a cosmetic transformation.  Actually, you can see it’s previous reiteration here.  Over the course of last year, the car was stripped of it’s exterior and fitted with an entirely new aero kit that PanSpeed has been developing.  I know this is a bit late in the day, but I finally stopped fiddling with my new audio equipment that I got for the new Podcast long enough to get the article out.


One Shot: Fuji Circuit 360 Modena

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One of the funner things to do when the action on track grinds to a halt due to delays in the race, or fluid clean ups, is to walk around the paddock where the owners of the race cars and teams park their daily drivers.  Case in point, this Ferrari 360 that was nonchalantly parked amongst mini-vans and flatbeds at Fuji.


Encounter: Tatsumi Nights With Masa and Motomasu

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I was browsing through some older photos on my hard-drives this evening and came across these shots of Masaki-san’s, and Ono-san’s Porsches one night – since it’s Thursday, and the appropriate thing to do these day’s on a Thursday is to throw things back, I decided to post them up.  There were a few of us that had gone out to Tatsumi to say hi to some friends and we ended up meeting them out there.  Yoko was there as well which was a nice surprise.  These photos were actually already processed, for some reason I never uploaded them.  Really trying to find time to drive in Idlers again this year, and seeing some of these cars gives me some motivation.  Click past the break to check them out.

Fall2015 Collection

Site News: Spring/Fall 2015 Site and Store Updates

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Good evening viewers.  As I mentioned earlier this week on my IG (@naritadogfight), I was only traveling two days out of this week, which left me some time to spend behind my monitor at home finalizing some designs.  While I can’t say I’m finished, I wanted to give everyone an update.  I know I’m not the best at keeping the online store stocked (being away from home 4 days a week has it’s down sides), and I don’t want to be left in a position where I can’t fulfill your orders in a timely manner.  I will say, however, that we’re in the process of getting most everything restocked including the Frontrunner tee’s, as well as releasing new print and die-cut decals (神速 Collection a.k.a the Wolf Delivery), and a very over-the-top outwear offering (slated for late Spring or early fall).


Close-Up: Ken’s G-Work☆CR-X

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While no doubt popular in it’s day for it’s nimble handling, performance, and excellent gas mileage, I wonder if Honda ever imagined the capability that their CR-X would have on circuit nearly 30 years after it’s inception?  This particular example, hailing from the camp of G-Work, is no doubt a testament to the capability of the tiny chassis.  Barreling through TC2000 in a mere 1’02.419, the NA B-series powered CR-X can hold definitely hold it’s own.  Click past the break for a gallery of shots on track at Tsukuba Circuit.


Encounter: フシミンのFD2 – グル走

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Caught this pretty cool FD2 at Tsukuba during a Grooving event.  The entire interior was gutted and it was running a pretty mild aero package. Fastest time it clocked was 1’01.25 – pretty quick!  The fender cut away made the car look much more aggressive than the factory form.  Click past the break for a few more shots.


Close-Up: The Circuit Scalpel – Esprit’s NSX

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On many occasions, probably due to lack of my creativity, I’ve written excerpts on this site comparing certain managerial techniques to a variety of car builds.  That may or may not have something to do with my education and work background in the business sector, but I feel it’s something I can comfortably relate to.  These topics, at surface level, I would imagine to be somewhat obscure on an automotive website.  The truth of the matter is, in almost all regards, the processes discussed are very much applicable to time attack builds.  The practice of Continual Improvement is one such business practice, and in the realm of time attack, not many shops demonstrate this practice better than Esprit in the ongoing development of their NSX.