One Shot: The Tsukuba Tunnel – R34 GTR

  The passageway to Tsukuba’s paddock has seen some things; I can only imagine.

Event: Super Battle Evome 2015 – Season Opener

  The automatic doors opened and a rush of chilled winter air, mixed with the morning’s new sunlight, hit my face as I reluctantly left the warm comfort of the conbini.  Surprised, as… Continue reading

Encounter: Overcast Chiba – Miyuki’s Work built EK9

  I mentioned last night on Instagram (@naritadogfight), that I got called out of state to work this weekend.  Well, that’s no surprise, but I had planned on using that time to put… Continue reading

One Shot: URAS JZX100 Chaser – TAS Spotlight

Tokyo Auto Salon has always been hit or miss for me.  I’ve attended for three years starting in 2009, but recently decided to stop going.  For me, my time is better spent fulfilling… Continue reading

Preview: Battle Evome 2015 – The Advent of Attack

  For 2015 we’ve teamed up with the organizers of Super Battle Evome as the main media outlet for the event.  This year has promise to be the biggest yet, as Evome has… Continue reading

One Shot: こみぃ♪ EK – ガレージWORK Go Go ~

  Hope to see this in Direzza Challenge again!  Look for a more in depth article on this EK soon.

Locale: ADVANCE Hello’s and Harajuku Strolls

  Awhile ago, I had messaged my friend Masahiro that I was in the area and if he was at the ADVANCE, I would stop by to say hello.  Fortunately he was there,… Continue reading

Feature: かずや様 SPL – The Spirit Of Attack

    Over the past three years, I’ve had the privilege of visiting, and becoming friends with, many tuning shops in Japan – and that’s not something I take for granted at all. … Continue reading

Feature: Nagano’s Battleship – Amemiya’s War Ready S15

    No stranger to magazine interiors, Hiroshi Amemiya’s S15 has been the center of attention for many publications throughout the past year or so including Super Street, Hyper Rev, Option2 (twice!).  In… Continue reading

Encounter: トトまるのCP9A – ピンクパワー

    You may or may not remember me mentioning a little bit about Mitsuyoshi’s super pink Evo in the post I wrote awhile back about his conquest in the CT9A; if not,… Continue reading

Close Up: The Carbon Approach – Kunihiko’s AutoBahn JZZ30

  No, your eyes do not deceive you; this is the same Soarer that was coated in a bright white just last year.  This season though, the white panels have been shed in… Continue reading

Encounter: The Rebirth of Simplicity – Hannita’s Revived NSX

      With the passing of Rev Speed earlier in the month, we can formally mark the onset of attack season in Japan; and without a doubt, no other group of privateers… Continue reading