Event: Tension’s Fuji Takeover & HKS HCC Snapshot

  So, yeah.  This will probably go down as the most random post of 2015 NDF, but I figured I’d combine the two as we didn’t spend that much time at either.  The… Continue reading

Editorial: Blueprint – Japan’s approach to Emotional Engineering

  Kansei Kougaku (感性工学) – a design methodology that serves to elucidate the user’s emotional response into the realm, or sphere so to speak, of a product or commodity.  Founded by Hiroshima University… Continue reading

Feature: Style Spectrum – The G-Corporation Dream S15

There’s something to be said about those who go against the grain.  Those who have a need to create the outlandish, to disregard outside opinion, and to construct their true vision.  They are… Continue reading

Encounter: Late Night Flash at G-Corp

  I think, for the sake of variety, that I’m going to switch gears a bit this week.  While there is much more time attack coverage to share with you (not sure that… Continue reading

Feature: Deep Grip RE – Tomo’s Circuit-Bred FD

Saitama native Nakajima Tomoyoshi, or Tomo for short, is an avid fan of the RX-7.  Unique in many ways, the car has stolen his attention for better half of several years.  Before he… Continue reading

Encounter: まっくリのメルセデス 190E

A Mercedes 190E is one of the last cars you’d think to see at Tsukuba, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw after arriving for Battle Evome in January.  Admittedly, I… Continue reading

Close-Up: Snowflake On Fuji – Arvou’s White Capped AP1

  Arvou; a name that, over the past few years, has become synonymous with time attack focused S2000 builds (and more importantly Lotus for all you Euro fans) – with good reason too. … Continue reading

One-Shot: Auto Gallery Yokohama GTR


One-Shot: Snow White – Arvou’s Supercharged AP1

  I started running through these Arvou shots at HKS Day this afternoon after work.  Since I’m home this weekend I’m trying to piece together something before the week begins again.  I particularly… Continue reading

Editorial: Morning Coffee – Friday Kamikaze

I don’t know if it’s the coffee I made, the recent lack of sleep, or what, but I feel like riffing a little today.   I’m not a writer.  I mean, I can… Continue reading

Close-Up: プライムガレージ HC35 Laurel – An Unconventional Attack

  As I weaved my way in and out of the garages along the Fuji Speedway paddock, my eyes were drawn to many an interesting machine.  Mostly revisions of cars that had run… Continue reading

Close-Up: かずや様♪ Takes On TC2000!

  I know my recent posts haven’t been very lengthy by any means, and this one is going to be no different (that’s not to say I don’t want to type more, I’m… Continue reading