Close Up: 8th Gen Civic

Close-Up, JDM


There’s not too much to say about this F-series at Hontune.  I’m really not sure who it belongs to, but I was really into it’s aggressive styling.  I snagged a few pictures of it, check um’ out past the break.


I think once the front bumper gets a coat of paint, the car would be fantastic.  I’d be tempted to wrap it in carbon to tie the whole front end together.  The two piece Volks match the color great.



Looks good from this side too.  If you own this, and happen to see it, post it up!  I’d like to know more about it.



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5 thoughts on “Close Up: 8th Gen Civic

  1. The wheel fitment needs work, badly. Its close to being done…maybe some spacers would do the trick.

  2. There’s only one Honda in El Paso, TX that drives a Honda like this. A girl named Alexi drives a whip like that.

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