One Shot: Project Back to Boost

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Those of you who know me probably know my car as well.  Those who don’t; let me introduce you.  This is my car.  For 10 years it has gone through close to a dozen renovations.  Everything from suspension and wheels, to engine setups and interior pieces has been changed more times than I have fingers to count them on.  Which brings me to my next project – re-boosting the tired B16.  I was enjoying 14 pounds of boost daily up until the fine men in blue decided to send me to the state ref.  For years I’ve wanted to piece together another kit, but was so busy with school and work, I just didn’t have the drive.  Well, the time has come.  It will be a junkyard build with minimal costs and maximum efficiency.  I’ll follow the project on this blog, so if you’re interested stay tuned.  The car was getting a new knuckle and extended studs in this shot.   You can see Addy’s Silvia in the background.  Look for a feature on it soon.



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6 thoughts on “One Shot: Project Back to Boost

  1. oh sweet i find this sort of buld way cooler to folow than a huge big budget bulds there just too easy i supose and you have more understanding and love for a car when youve bult it your self

  2. Good to hear you don’t build a car, gain magazine fame, then immediately sell it. Good luck with the project!

  3. For real on the license plate? I like. Got a fix-it for mine last week :(

    Excited for the build!

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