Video: Skyline 2000GT-R Race Car (Hakosuka)

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Check out this video from JDM Clips at the recent Skyline Festival.  Old school power.

Mr.Kurosawa (nickname Gan-san) drives a racing Hakosuka!

[Vehicle Info]
– Name: Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R (Hakosuka)
– Model Year: 1971
– Model: KPGC10
– Class winner of 1973 Japanese Granprix (Fuji 1,000km race)
– Driver: Yoshikuni Masatani

– Width: 4,330 x 1,665 x 1,370mm
– Wheelbase: 2,570mm
– Weight: 950kg

– Engine: S20 (Straight-6)
– Displacement: 1,989cc
– Horsepower: 250ps/8,400rpm
– Torque: 21.5kgm/6,800rpm

– Suspension: front Strut / rear Semi-trailing Arm
– Wheels: front 8.5 / rear 11 inch

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2 thoughts on “Video: Skyline 2000GT-R Race Car (Hakosuka)

  1. My god that is a gorgeous 2000gt, and what a voice she’s got… I’ve come to the conclusion that oldschool Japanese muscle is far sexier than nearly an American muscle.

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