Encounter: Lexus LFA @ 2011 LA Auto Show

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With the hype surrounding Lexus’ LFA slowly dying out, it’s easy to forget just how bad ass this car really is.  I was happy to run into the 2012 model at the LA Auto Show last week, so I decided to put up this shot and an accompanying spec sheet with all the little details about the car we all drool over.  Click past the break for the breakdown that will melt your face off…


Research octane used was 95+; I would be afraid driving one in California….


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2 thoughts on “Encounter: Lexus LFA @ 2011 LA Auto Show

  1. No need to be afraid ;) The octane rating is calculated differently in this case (RON=research octane number instead of AKI=anti-knock index). In the US, octane ratings at your gas stations are in AKI, and 95+ RON equals 91 AKI at your pump in California, I think it’s called premium gas over there (not sure, as I am from Germany).

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