Shout Out!: Rory Follows Cars

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I was browsing the internet here at my parents house just now – killing time before the Christmas festivities begin.  I stumbled across a really cool blog that I think, judging by the post dates, is fairly new.  Rory Follows Cars is a great source for checking coverage of random Japanese cars and motor sport events – kind of has a NDF feel!  I had a great time reading his personal blog as well.  Shout Out!  Happy Holidays!


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One thought on “Shout Out!: Rory Follows Cars

  1. Hey! Thanks for the mention and the kind words! I love the car culture here and try to get into it and take pictures as much as possible. Sadly, with a newborn things are going slowly even though I just bought my first car here. Sigh. I hope to get out more and will put pictures up from my visit to Phoenix Power yesterday. Keep up the good work!

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