Encounter: Seek and You Shall Find – A FIT

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I can’t even remember what day it was, but last month we swung by Seeker on a whim to see what they had cooking.  If you’re not familiar with Seeker, well, click the link.  They have slowly become one of Japan’s most well known Honda tuning companies, and are creators of all things orange.  The company is headed up by a younger individual and retains much of a grass roots feel to it; especially considering the shop is a little triangle shaped building on what could possibly be the tiniest piece of land in Tokyo.  With that said, you may need to do a little, ahem, ‘seeking’ to find the place somewhere around Suginami.  Once you find it though you’ll be treated to some nicely built cars, and a friendly staff.  Check out a few more shots of the Fit past the break.


Fun and balance is the name of the game at Seeker – Ryo Teraoka, the shop manager, even states it on their website.  A mission to build cars that their customers will truly enjoy; sounds good to me.  I would imagine that this Fit is pretty fun to drive.  Seeker manufactures many of it’s own products; including suspension, exhaust, interior bits, and other goodies.  What they don’t make themselves, they’ll source from other respectable companies like Spoon and Mugen.



I didn’t bother taking pictures of inside the shop, as you can see them all over the internet, and we had places to be.  I thought before we did though I’d snag a couple nice ones of this customer’s Fit RS.  Man, it feels like I haven’t posted in such a long time!  I’ve been out of town a few days attending my best friends wedding and haven’t had any time to break away for NDF.  I’m back now and should have a good string of content leading up to Saturday where I’ll be shooting WekFest LA once again!  Can’t wait for that – thanks for visiting!


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2 thoughts on “Encounter: Seek and You Shall Find – A FIT

  1. We’ve never really had any interest in making mods for the Fit but it seems like that may not be the case in Japan.

  2. I always like these compact cars, they always seemed more convenient for putting a music system inside of them, Like basically just use your trunk for banging speakers. always cool to me and this model is the sickest version i have saw by far -,o


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