Preview: The Controversy Continues – Supermade Zenki

Automotive, JDM


Some of you may be familiar with this car; others will not.  Whichever group you fall under, you should know it ruffled a few feathers here in the states.  It’s no secret that people can be very opinionated when it comes to car building, and those people love to voice their thoughts.  This car was shot awhile back for a different publication, however, NDF will be taking a closer look at it soon from a different perspective.  I figured I’d throw a preview up while I’m working on the new site.  Actually, it’s past midnight here and I’m taking a break from building the site to have a nice conversation with Matt from FOM.  I’ve hit a snag on some of the code for the new site, but I will keep at it!  Stay tuned for more.


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