One Shot: Masataka-san Bright Slide

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This morning Sekinei and I made the long trip from Tokyo out to Nikko Circuit to check out D1SL Qualifying.  We were both quite tired from staying up all last night messing around on the Expressway, but somehow we managed to wake up around 6am to make the drive out.  The day itself was pretty mild all around.  The weather was great in the morning with just enough cloud cover to block the sun and keep the temps cool.  However, later in the day the sun came out in full force and it was actually quite warm.  The event mirrored the weather; practice was quite normal, and later in the day during qualifying the action got more intense.  Nothing too spectacular, but a good event all around.  I think I’ll take it easy with this post and leak it out over a series of posts as opposed to overloading it into one or two lengthy ones.  My commentary will be lacking I’m sure as drifting is something I’ll admit I know little about.  Tomorrow morning, Mr. JDM Clips and I will head over to Motegi to catch the last Super GT race of 2012.  Excited!  I gotta grab some sleep…

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