Wallpaper: Pro Shop Fukuoh Upshift – HKS Day 2015

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With another weekend trip to Japan under my belt this month, I’m finally back home for the night.  Yeah that’s right, for the night.  I have to wake up tomorrow and fly to Dallas for a three day conference.  Before I go though, I will get the opportunity to process some shots from HKS Premium Day…I mean, someone has to show them how it’s done on circuit, right? ;P


Head over to the wallpaper page to get a hi-res shot of the Pro Shop Fukuoh FD powering out of turn 1 at Fuji Speedway just yesterday.  Admittedly, coverage will be slow coming, but expect a steady flow of posts next week;  I’ll be working locally and will be home in the evenings to process and write – and there is quite a bit to write about!  Seems like, for the most part, every contender in Super Lap was able to cut time this year.  Case in point, the Fukuoh FD lapped Fuji in just 1.46.841; nearly a full second improvement over last year’s time.  So stick around, I promise I won’t disappoint!





One Shot: Live Your Dream

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This past weekend I flew up to Nor-cal to attend Wekfest which was held in San Jose this past Sunday.  Saturday night though, Huy and I took some time to drive up Highway 9 and Hamilton for some touge fun.  On 9 there is this beautiful turnout that would otherwise overlook East Bay if it wasn’t banked with fog.  I took advantage of the full moon to grab this shot.  A few people on Instagram (@naritadogfight) were asking for a desktop, so I uploaded in in a hi-res file.  Click the shot for a bigger file.


Live  your dream.


Desktop: 早朝ドライブ – Sunrise Japan

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There’s something incredibly peaceful about dawn; a time of limited movement, of still air, a time of recollection.  A perfect time to drive out to your favorite location to watch the sun rise.

Head to the wallpaper section for a hi-res shot of this weekend’s sunrise in Japan.


Wallpaper: Dai Yoshihara’s Formula D S13 – Long Beach

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Hey NDF!  I just got home from an awesome day in downtown Long Beach shooting the first round of Formula Drift and wanted to post up a little preview.  Click here, or visit the wallpaper page for a hi-res shot of Dai’s new-ish S13.  I snagged this as he was heating up his tires for the final 4 runs; Dai ended up in a well earned 2nd place.  Long Beach is an awesome venue for any type of motor sport and I’m glad Formula D uses it as it’s season kick off.  Up until this morning, I wasn’t sure if I was going to go at all, and I’m glad I did.  It was a sold out event, but thanks to a couple good friends I was able to make it in.  I was even able to do a quick run through of the Slammed Society x Fatlace car show during the break after Top 32 runs.  Some great stuff on show, and ended up meeting some cool people, as well as running into some show regulars.  Overall a great day – I’m glad I went and hope you enjoy what coverage I was able to grab.  Stay tuned and thanks for visiting!


Desktop: J’s Racing CR-Z at East Cloud

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I decided to throw up a little preview of the J’s Racing Fair in desktop form for you guys.  Click the image for 1680x viewing pleasure.  Stay tuned or check out JDM Clips for more.