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Event: Chiba Overrun – Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 V.2

We’ll get right back into the TAS coverage, as you can see in this shot there is a lot of ground to cover under the giant ceilings of Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.… Continue reading

Encounter: Bad Quality’s Nakagawa-san – TAS 2014

  Nakagawa Shuichi’s S13 build is most likely one of the most well known on the internet.  In fact, it was even on the cover of this month’s Super Street magazine.  What amazes… Continue reading

Event: Chiba Overrun – Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 V.1

  It’s usually about this time in January when the internet is flooded with content from Tokyo Auto Salon.  For good reason; it’s one of the most look forward to events of the… Continue reading

Preview: HKS Premium Day 2014

  I know that everyone is gearing up for Tokyo Auto Salon in the coming weeks, and while I can’t say I’m not excited about it, there is an event that I’m looking… Continue reading

Encounter: Studie AG/GSR – Veilside FD

Most certainly when one hears the name Studie AG, or Good Smile Racing, the first thing to come to mind is a BMW of sorts, possibly followed by images of vocaloid sensation Miku… Continue reading

Event: G-Edition Show – Fuji Speedway

Well, I bet you didn’t expect to see coverage from the Stancenation G-Edition show on this site…and neither did I!  I know this coverage is more than late, but it’s been kind of… Continue reading

Event: NDF Winter Cafe 2013 V.3

Well, I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  It feels like I was away for quite a long time; sorry for the lack of updates.  I’ll pick up from the break with… Continue reading

Event: NDF Winter Cafe 2013 V.2

  Well, I suppose I’ll just dive into the second part of the NDF Winter Cafe; my apologies on the wait, work has been pretty busy since I returned (If you missed it,… Continue reading

Event: NDF Winter Cafe 2013 V.1

It’s already been a week since we hosted the first official Winter Cafe at Umihotaru, and I’m still very excited about how it turned out.  First and foremost though, I’d like to thank… Continue reading

Event: The Chronicles Year V Meet

You’d be hard pressed to find a Japanese automotive enthusiast that doesn’t know what The Chronicles is.  Joey has solidified his name in the Honda automotive community of the past 5+ years as… Continue reading

Site News: NDF Winter Cafe Announced

  As announced this week on the NDF FB page, the date and time has been set for the 2013 NDF Winter Cafe!  On Saturday, November 16th, starting at 10pm, we will be… Continue reading

Preview: Skyline Owner’s Battle – Fuji Speedway

Beautiful shot of the Revolfe S.A./Do-Luck built 350Z Challenge car at Fuji Speedway, where just yesterday the circuit played host to the annual Skyline Owner’s Battle event.  More coverage coming soon…