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One Shot: 週末の終わり

    Hope you all have a great week ~  

Preview: ハイパーミーティング2014 – Tsukuba 2000

  Sunday morning Tsukuba Circuit’s TC2000 played host to the 2014 Hyper Meeting.  Sekinei was on hand to capture the variety of demo cars that the tuner’s brought out to showcase.  Stay tuned… Continue reading

One Shot: Kei’s Street Special R32

  I was going to make a wallpaper post out of this, but then out of laziness I just decided to post it here in hi-res because I already posted it on the… Continue reading

One Shot: Battle Evome Round 2 – The Winter War

  The brisk grounds of Tsukuba played host to the second round of Battle Evome this morning, and as quickly as it came, the battle has ended.  While not all contenders came out… Continue reading

Preview: A Quick Stop To Nojireal

  A few weeks ago we stopped by Yusuke Nojima’s shop out in Ibaraki for a quick bit to take some photos of Noji’s newest project.  This particular car will be built with… Continue reading

One Shot: Old Soul, Young Heart

  Generations at play

One Shot: RE 雨宮ドラえもんRX7

Aoki’s Doraemon themed, RE equipped FD.  

One Shot: Kiyotaka – TFR ☆向島R FD3S

  Kiyotaka Ejima’s intimidating FD maxed out at a 56.580 at the beginning of the year.  I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do at next years Evome.  

One Shot: つくばサーキット MaxSpeed FD3S

Attack || Tsukuba Circuit ☆

One Shot: Voiture-502 Custom and Service

  Voiture-502 Custom and Service Silvia at the Minkara Meeting.  One of the two Silvias the shop brought out to show.  Looking great with a lowdown style on SSR Longchamps.   Very strong… Continue reading

One Shot: Style Front Runners – 冬カフェ

  I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been away for a bit; I’ll have the final post on the NDF Winter Cafe up… Continue reading

One Shot: 大黒ストリートスピリット

  Tonight (this morning?), we met up with Yusuke-san and went out to catch some of the streeting that was going on outside of Daikoku.  I’ll be pretty busy for the next week… Continue reading