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One Shot: としたけのシルビア

  Toshitake’s S15 in the underground lot of Osanbashi Pier for the Option2 farewell meet.

One Shot: アイエスオートFD3S

  AS Auto is an outfit out of Saitama that sells highly modified sports cars; not unlike their demo car seen here at TC2000.  Good style, fast speed.    

One Shot: 青木さんのFD3S – Tuning Fest

  Most of my attention next week will be geared towards processing my recent shoot with Garage Mak and Baki’s NDF Link car, but I’ll do my best to get some coverage up… Continue reading

One Shot: Garage Work Birthday Hijinx

  Last week Sekinei and I stopped by Garage Work to surprise Tora-san for his birthday.  We ended up hanging out for a few hours talking about Attack and various aspects of FF… Continue reading

One Shot: Live Your Dream

  This past weekend I flew up to Nor-cal to attend Wekfest which was held in San Jose this past Sunday.  Saturday night though, Huy and I took some time to drive up… Continue reading

One Shot: Fuji Bound S14

  Very aggressive looking Zenki S14 in the lot of Fuji.  On it’s out lap it spun going into turn 2, but managed a lap under the 2 minute mark at the end… Continue reading

One Shot: Bodyworks Matsui RPS13 – Honjyo Circuit

    Last weekend, since we were in the area, we stopped by Honjyo Circuit to check out the fourth round of Drift Muscle that was taking place this past Sunday.  Here is… Continue reading

One Shot: An Afternoon In Misato

    I decided to run through some of the unused shots from the shoot I did with Hara-san that was featured in last months Import Tuner issue.  I’ll have some time throughout… Continue reading

One Shot: テクニカルオートワンズFD – Evome Profile

  With the second part of our Garage Work Feature being posted tonight (still finishing the processing), I think it acts as a good segway to restart our Evome profile series back up… Continue reading

One Shot: Bee-Racing GTR-SX

    Imai-san sure sealed the deal on the controversy envelope with this one.  His 2J powered, GT-R converted 180SX has made a resounding impact throughout the world.  Catch it in the Drift… Continue reading

One Shot: 二兎を追う者は一兎をも得ず

  This car means a lot to me – it still shocks me that I got to see it in person, and on circuit.  Especially because I wasn’t even expecting it.  It was… Continue reading

One Shot: 週末の終わり

    Hope you all have a great week ~