Event: AutoCon 2012 – Los Angeles V.1

. I’m sure by now between the roll in post, and other blogs, you’ve all gotten a taste of what AutoCon 2012 has to offer – so let’s just jump right into this. … Continue reading

Event: AutoCon 2012 Los Angeles – Roll In

. When I started the drive out to Arcadia for AutoCon yesterday morning, I had been under the strange impression that media will-call was at 9am; where I got that impression and why… Continue reading

Desktop: ZENT Super GT Lexus SC430

. New wallpaper available of the ZENT GT500 SC430 at Fuji Speedway in scene – click here to go to the desktop page to see it in high resolution. .

One Shot: Bee-R D1GP Skyline BNR34

. Godzilla at rest  |  D1GP Nissan Skyline R34  |  Bee☆R  |  Ogawa, Japan .

Event: Mitsubishi Owner’s Day – MOD 2012

. When I think of MOD, I immediately hear “EVO”; and frankly, that’s all I need to hear.  I’ve grown to have no particular interest at all in any Mitsubishi other than their… Continue reading

Encounter: Spoon Sports Endurance S2000

. I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying, “Some of the best things in life are free”.  A saying most likely referring to memories or moments in time.  For the most part I’d… Continue reading

One Shot: Sakura On Skyline

. I took this shot early one morning after a nice rain had fallen overnight.  When the cherry blossom trees bloom in Japan, they can become so abundant that parking anywhere near one… Continue reading

One-Shot: Fuji FD2 Type-R

. I must have gone to Fuji on a great day for finding nice looking white cars because I kept running into them at every turn.  Take this this fresh Honda Civic FD2… Continue reading

Encounter: 7 Meet Under Bayshore Route

. One random evening, after a few passes through the infamous C1, my friend from JDM Clips and I decided to cruise through to the Daikoku PA to see if there was anything… Continue reading

One Shot: Eneos GT500 Lexus SC430 At Tech

. Eneos GT500 Lexus SC430 | Fuji Speedway .

One Shot: Variety; The Spice of Life

. One of the benefits of multi-class motor sport events is the opportunity to see cars of all different power levels and drive configurations on track at the same time.  It’s almost like… Continue reading

Feature: The S2000 With Two Lives To Live

. Behind most cars, there are stories to be told.  Some are your ordinary, every day type of stories that happen to the majority of people.  I’m sure we all have lot’s of… Continue reading