Event: Chiba Overrun – Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 V.1

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It’s usually about this time in January when the internet is flooded with content from Tokyo Auto Salon.  For good reason; it’s one of the most look forward to events of the year for any automotive enthusiast.  Just earlier today, while outside the skies were a bright blue, the inside halls of Makuhari Messe were opened for the media to capture the thousands of cars, new product lineups, and models on display for the weekend.



We’ll have a couple parts to this series, so let’s not waste anymore time and get right to it…starting with this fully carbon GTR from Overtake.




Overtake, a fairly new company, focusing on carbon GTR parts.  It seems like this year they have teamed up with RAYS, as they had a couple of their cars in the large booth.




Both which were sporting RAYS new TE37 Ultra, available in 20″ sizes.




As seen here along side their other new offering, the ZE40 – both great looking wheels.  Just what you’d expect from Volk.




The RE Amemiya booth was overrun by rotary powered machines as usual.  The Hurricane FD being the focal point of the display.






On the other end the Pan Speed RX8 – another time attack favorite.




Mazda, no stranger to road racing, had on display their new entrant to the Grand-Am Rolex series.




Some rather dramatic lighting!


As well as this cute little ST5 classed Taikyu racer.  This thing would be a blast on the touge.



Bulletproof Automotive had their signature FRS shipped out for display with the RAYS group as well.  This build has garned worldwide attention, and was a focal point for many.




Advan had a really nice display on hand featuring many of their popular designs.  I’ve always loved the Advan GT…




Hi Japan.  It’s nice to see you again.





Rocky Auto had on display a good amount of classics, including this Kenmeri on TE37-V’s.




Star Road had on display their signature yellow S30 rebuild on their new Glow Star wheels, produced by WORK.  A new partnership that has generated some interesting designs geared towards older cars.




They also had this immaculate restoration on display next to the yellow S30.




WORK had their original lineup of 15″ offerings next to the new Glow Stars as well.




C-West was showing off their new FRS/BRZ aero with the help of a couple girlies.




We posted this Essex/Kansai Service drift Hiace on Instagram yesterday and it got some good feedback.  They really went all out this year, building a fully drift prepped van.




With the help of BRIDE and Enkei, Essex really knocked this one out.






They had monitors displaying the van actually drifting at an exhibition.  You can also see it at the Essex home page.




Fujio-san brought out his Bold World D1 R34 out for display.  The graphics that R-Y-O did on this car are amazing.




At WORK’s main booth, they had their full lineup on display; including their new Emotion D9R.  Very good looking wheel.




D-Friends URAS kitted 34 sedan.



I’m a sucker for any R34 sedan with the URAS GT kit on it…literally, it’s like the end all for me.  This application is no exception.  I like the little URAS puppy on the dashboard.

Well, I’ll get back to editing some more pictures to post.  I’ll leave off for part 1 here, but check back shortly for more from the halls of Chiba.



Encounter: Kawashima-san’s セリキャン – Pushing The Limits

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Since the picture we posted yesterday of Kawashima’s finished Celica made such a big impact, I figured it would be a good starting point for our coverage of the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon.  His car was parked outside the entrance, so most everyone passed by it as they walked towards Makuhari Messe.  Last we saw this car it was parked at Car Service Hiro it was still in construction and had yet to be painted.  It’s great to see it in an almost complete state, and what better place to debut it than Tokyo Auto Salon.


The amount of work, and thought put into this car alone is amazing, but the fact that Kawashima pulled it off so greatly all by himself is what is really impressive.  To design a car like this isn’t something you just decide to do one day; there’s a lot more to it.  It made me a little upset that there were so many people posting negative comments about it on Facebook.  I understand cars like this cause controversy, but even if it’s not your style, you still have to appreciate the work.  People are so entitled these days that they think their opinion is the end all.  The truth is, without cars like this, and the people who build them, the industry we all love would be worse off.


It’s still hard to believe this car functions, but the fenders actually clear at full lock.  There was a little bit of damage to one of the fenders, but other than that it was still immaculate.


I love the cut back on the front fenders.  They have a very ‘organic’ feel to them that flows with the widebody very well.  I’m glad Kawashima was able to finish in time for TAS, and I’m glad it’s still got people talking!

Let this be a preview of what’s to come from inside the halls of Makuhari Messe – stay tuned as we’ll have our first round of coverage up soon.


Site News: ‘helloゆうた’ decals in stock

Site News



Happy to announce we just got a new shipment in from the Dreamroom of new ‘helloゆうた‘ vinyl; the official mascot of NDF.  This time around we have 3 new colors to choose from: Saitama Silver, Top Secret Gold, Dreamroom Red, and of course white.  Pick them up at the Dog Fighter Shop.

As you may or may not know, limited runs of this guy come out every couple months in different colors each time.  What color will we have in stock next?!  Keep your eyes open for the next run and as always, thank you for the support!



Preview: HKS Premium Day 2014

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I know that everyone is gearing up for Tokyo Auto Salon in the coming weeks, and while I can’t say I’m not excited about it, there is an event that I’m looking forward to even more than TAS; HKS Premium Day.

We’ll have full coverage of Tokyo Auto Salon on the site, but while you’re basking in the finest Japan has to offer, we’ll be prepping our gear and packing our bags to bring you the best coverage from Fuji on the 26th.  With both the Option Super Lap, and the HKS Hiper Challenge, there will plenty of motor sports to look forward to.

Who knows, maybe we’ll take a break from the Speedway and wander over to the lot where HKS is holding their Customized Car Carnival as well.  Either way, between TAS, HKS Premium Day, Battle Evome, and a whole bunch of other features, January is going to be a great month for Japanese Motor Sport.

Stay tuned!



Encounter: USDM Style EK At Tatsumi PA

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Looks like the owner of this EK is taking some styling ques from the ‘USDM’ style catalog; with it’s OEM body, and good amount of US based decals.  The silver Meisters look great against the pure white paint.




Not very much NDF flavor, but still looks great!






Encounter: Bayshore Blackout – Shibaura FD3S

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The boys cruised through Shibaura PA this weekend to chase after a few cars they saw at Tatsumi earlier in the night.  This FD was one of the more interesting ones.  Our friend Riyouiti-san mentioned that the RX7 was affiliated with TFR, as it does have some similar aero pieces to the Top Fuel Racing group.




You can’t deny the presence of a car like this; be it on the street or on circuit.




Thanks to Sekinei for snapping up a couple shots!





Feature: The Evolution Of Personality – Ron’s S14

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I first saw this car when my friend Teddy posted a few pictures of it in our Facebook group page.  I inquired about it pretty quickly and he mentioned it was a friend of his who lived in San Diego; Ronald.  I really wanted to see more of it, but I think I may have been busy at the time because a few months went by without talk of it again.  A couple weeks ago Teddy had forwarded me Ron’s email and we got in touch about a possible shoot.  He was up for it, and I hadn’t shot anything since getting back from Japan so I was really excited.




I drove around all that morning looking for a location, but came up with nothing spectacular.  I went all the way down to Newport and stopped and various places along PCH but couldn’t really find anything suitable.  It was also a holiday weekend so everything was pretty busy.  I eventually gave up, gave Ron a call and told him to meet me in downtown Long Beach.  While I was waiting for him, I parked in this one lot I frequent often; it’s easily accessible and pretty cheap.  After I parked, I happened to notice that I was pretty much the only one in the lot, and the back of an old building was exposed on the other side.




I figured this was as good as any spot, and I had already driven for a good 50 miles and didn’t really want to search more.  The red of the brick actually ended up going well with the deep green of the car.  That combined with the gold of the 18×9 +22, 18×10 +15 staggered Advan RG-II’s made for a very nice color palette.  Ron had just recently came across these Advans, and even though he’s had trouble fitting them (20mm PBM spacers all around), he doesn’t regret it.




The custom canards and splitter, mated to the Ings+ front bumper throw the car out of the typical drift style, and into a more circuit/gt style drift category.  I like the originality and the ability to stray away from what everyone else has been doing.  It’s a testament to Ron’s personality, and the way he’s approached this car over the many years he’s owned it.  The Z32 front brakes give a nice boost in stopping power.  Stopping power needed as a result of a few choice modifications to the rebuilt KA24DE.  CP Pistons, Manley Rods, JWT Cams and Sprockets, ARP Studs, Turbo Five-O 750cc injectorsand Clevite Bearings make up the guts of the KA.  A recently added Tomei M7960 turbo provides enough boost to break traction when needed, and a PBM Intercooler along with a Koyo Radiator are employed to keep temps to a desirable level.


The Origin side mirrors fit the rest of the car nicely.  A piece you don’t see often as many opt for stock mirrors (unfortunately), Ganadors or some other GT mirror.




The Vertex side skirts, and Vertex rear bumper make up the rest of the body lines on the car.




A C-West lip spoiler and Origin Type 2 GT Wing rest atop the trunk and add both downforce and great styling.  A good amount of people tried to persuade him to not run this wing, or any wing at all, but again, Ron hasn’t built this for anyone but himself; and that’s the way everyone should approach car building.  It is an amalgamation of your personality; not others.








Ron found these Mooneye’s valve stem covers, and antenna ball at a JCCS event a few years ago.  These little personal touches are great!




After we finished up in the lot, we chatted for a bit and decided to try and get some night shots around downtown.






It’s always fun messing around with long exposures.




The profile gives a good view of how the car sits overall.  Apexi N1 coilovers along with Kazama Tie Rods, PBM Rear Upper Traction and Toe Rods, and Custom Front Tension Rods give the car the ability to perform under any circumstance.




The stripped interior consists of a pair of Bride Low Max seats, an Autopower roll bar, and a handful of necessary gauges to monitor while sideways.  Nothing super fancy, just the essentials.




Honestly, I’m not sure why Ron was surprised I wanted to have his car up on the site.  This is a great example of what following your own ideas can create; I’m very grateful he drove all the way up from San Diego!  For the few hours we talked I developed a good idea of what Ron is all about, and I can easily say he falls into the category of a true enthusiast.  A great guy with his heart in the right place.  Thanks again Ron, and I hope to see the build evolve over the next few years.


Here’s some Japanese commercials for you: