Event: AutoCon 2012 – Los Angeles V.2

. Man, I’ve been traveling a lot lately.  I think I’ve flown about 3,000 miles in the past 3 days.  Not normal, but I’ve been really busy at work recently.  That’s probably the… Continue reading

Event: AutoCon 2012 – Los Angeles V.1

. I’m sure by now between the roll in post, and other blogs, you’ve all gotten a taste of what AutoCon 2012 has to offer – so let’s just jump right into this. … Continue reading

Event: AutoCon 2012 Los Angeles – Roll In

. When I started the drive out to Arcadia for AutoCon yesterday morning, I had been under the strange impression that media will-call was at 9am; where I got that impression and why… Continue reading

Desktop: ZENT Super GT Lexus SC430

. New wallpaper available of the ZENT GT500 SC430 at Fuji Speedway in scene – click here to go to the desktop page to see it in high resolution. .

One Shot: Bee-R D1GP Skyline BNR34

. Godzilla at rest  |  D1GP Nissan Skyline R34  |  Bee☆R  |  Ogawa, Japan .

Event: Mitsubishi Owner’s Day – MOD 2012

. When I think of MOD, I immediately hear “EVO”; and frankly, that’s all I need to hear.  I’ve grown to have no particular interest at all in any Mitsubishi other than their… Continue reading

Encounter: Spoon Sports Endurance S2000

. I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying, “Some of the best things in life are free”.  A saying most likely referring to memories or moments in time.  For the most part I’d… Continue reading

One Shot: Sakura On Skyline

. I took this shot early one morning after a nice rain had fallen overnight.  When the cherry blossom trees bloom in Japan, they can become so abundant that parking anywhere near one… Continue reading

One-Shot: Fuji FD2 Type-R

. I must have gone to Fuji on a great day for finding nice looking white cars because I kept running into them at every turn.  Take this this fresh Honda Civic FD2… Continue reading

Encounter: 7 Meet Under Bayshore Route

. One random evening, after a few passes through the infamous C1, my friend from JDM Clips and I decided to cruise through to the Daikoku PA to see if there was anything… Continue reading

One Shot: Eneos GT500 Lexus SC430 At Tech

. Eneos GT500 Lexus SC430 | Fuji Speedway .

One Shot: Variety; The Spice of Life

. One of the benefits of multi-class motor sport events is the opportunity to see cars of all different power levels and drive configurations on track at the same time.  It’s almost like… Continue reading