One Shot: Revolfe S.A. S15オーテックのエンジン シルビア

レヴォルフェドットコム Revwolfe S.A. tuned S15 Autech Engine powered coupe.  This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but make no mistake; this car is extremely cool.  High Power & Save Energy.

Close-Up: Funny Factory S15

This is one S chassis that I haven’t seen too much of until last month’s D1SL round in Nikko.  It’s actually quite different than what we’re used to seeing.  I find the reference… Continue reading

Event: Super GT Motegi 250km – The Final Battle V.1

After my well deserved break after the Super GT practice session, it wasn’t long before the final race of the season got underway.  In typical Japanese fashion, as soon as the flag dropped,… Continue reading

Encounter: Silvia Friends

    After some friends and I got done playing around taking photos on the expressway one night, we headed over to Shibaura parking area to see if there was anything going on. … Continue reading

Event: Super GT Round 8 At Motegi 250km – Pre-Race Practice

  So, it was 5am and the only thing I could think about was getting caffeine into my system; not if my friend was going to be late, not if it was going… Continue reading

Encounter: Express NSX

  I was setting up Mana’s car for a differnt angle during a photoshoot at a PA on the Expressway one afternoon, when I hear this growling off in the distance.  I stepped… Continue reading

Close-Up: Kohno-san GP Sports 180SX

One of the cars I enjoyed watching most at this past round of D1SL at Nikko was this GP Sports 180SX.  The car is driven by コウノ シオン (Kohno Shion) who you may… Continue reading

One Shot: Nao’s High Power Supra

  One of the most keen cars at the 90’s Cafe this past week at Heiwajima PA, actually belongs to the organizer of the event; Yokoyama-san of Garage Fun.  Aside from the obviously… Continue reading

Preview: Super GT Round 8 – Motegi 250km

    This past Sunday marked the end of the 2012 Super GT season with the final race at Twin Ring Motegi; and despite the cold, rainy weather, the action was as hot… Continue reading

One Shot: Masataka-san Bright Slide

  This morning Sekinei and I made the long trip from Tokyo out to Nikko Circuit to check out D1SL Qualifying.  We were both quite tired from staying up all last night messing… Continue reading

One Shot: Fairlady in Tokyo

  I apologize for the lack of site updates, but I’ve been pretty busy that last couple days.  I spent pretty much all of Thursday with Harada and Kume driving around Tokyo and… Continue reading

Garage Life: Veilside Exhaust Evolution

So, last Sunday turned out to be a  little less than typical; well, kind of.  Typical in setting and happening, it just had a little twist on the medium.  We swung by Jay’s… Continue reading