Close-Up: APR HASEPRO GT300 Toyota Prius

. Aside from the KERS outfit on a Formula 1 car, it would be a safe bet that the last thing that goes through peoples minds when discussing motor sports is the term… Continue reading

Close-Up: Mugen GT300 CR-Z

. A few weeks ago my friend over at JDM Clips made a visit to the Honda Headquarters where they had on display the new Mugen designed GT300 CR-Z that is currently competing… Continue reading

Garage Life: An Evening In Riverside

. Yesterday evening we decided to make the drive out to Riverside to visit Franklin.  His car’s been down for awhile and he hasn’t been able to come down our way for awhile. … Continue reading

Site News: Circuit Runner, Website Destroyer

. I told myself a few days ago that I would start working on the new website again, seriously this time.  I got a little discouraged when my desktop crashed and had to… Continue reading

Event: Wekfest East 2012 – New Jersey V.3

. Well, it’s about that time to start wrapping up the show coverage.  I was planning on posting the third and final round of coverage this weekend, but ended up working, as well… Continue reading

One Shot: Zenki S14 at Umihotaru

. There wasn’t much going on tonight, so Yuta, Allan and I went to grab a drink at Tea Station; which is pretty standard at this point.  Not sure why, but we all… Continue reading

Event: Wekfest East 2012 – New Jersey V.2

. It’s 2 am on Saturday morning, I don’t have work tomorrow (edit – I DO have work today), and I’m stacked up on caffeine; I may as well get started on posting… Continue reading

Event: Wekfest East 2012, New Jersey V. 1 – Roll In

. I had first played with the idea of coming to New Jersey for Wekfest East back in June during the LA show.  Towards the end of the show at the Queen Mary,… Continue reading

Preview: Cross Country – Wekfest New Jersey 2012

. So, yeah, I’m on the East Coast right now, finally relaxing in my hotel room after an incredibly long day.  It’s a one man show here at NDF (well, in the States… Continue reading

Feature: Neighborhood Watch Program – Algier Built EVO VIII

. If you were to imagine a specific car that, in your own mind, possessed the qualities of protector, or a guardian; what car would you choose?  For me, it would always be… Continue reading

Preview: Super GT Comparison – CR-Z GT300 vs. Prius GT300

. So, I actually have a lot of cool stuff to post up and write about; new features, Super GT news, shop visits – the only snag is, I can’t access it!  Earlier… Continue reading

One Shot: J-LOC GT300 Lamborghini

. Whenever I think of the J-Loc Super GT team I imagine a group of young, millionaire-esque drivers who spend their weekdays parlaying cash at ritzy clubs and restaurants, picking up beautiful women… Continue reading