Locale: Cobb Tuning Socal – Shop Tour

. After two straight weeks of work, I finally managed to squeeze in a much needed day off.  This past Wednesday I had plans to shoot my friends Z32 but, due to a… Continue reading

Video: eGarage.com presents Tokyo Auto Salon

. . The 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon presented by eGarage.com. Automotive enthusiasts and storytellers. The automotive scene makes homes to many differently styles of tuning culture. Be it race cars, VIP cars, drift… Continue reading

Encounter: Tommy Kaira Goes NSX

. . Tommy Kaira succeeds in the building of an elegant NSX.  They also succeed in having the coolest ‘wolf’ logo for a tuning company.  TAS 2012 – JDM Clips – Tommy Kaira… Continue reading

Close-Up: HKS AP350SC-II Concept – a.k.a. Supercharged S2000

. One for the Honda fans; HKS, among many other vehicles this year, brought out the same S2000 they had at SEMA 2011 here in the states.   Dubbed the AP350SC-II Concept, (derived from… Continue reading

Encounter: D2 X Pro Shop SCREEN R34GTR

. D2 Japan, all knowing brake and suspension producers, brought out their joint built R34 rocking their massive 8-pot caliper kit up front, and 6-pot rears.  The front calipers barely clear the 19″… Continue reading

Encounter: Favorite Project Taka Coupe

. D1 Street Legal showing @ Tokyo Auto Salon 2012;  Taka built, D1SL champion Silvia.  Help me out here – was it Tanaka that drove this last year?  I love D-Max kits; especially… Continue reading

Close-Up: GReddy Nissan 35RX

. Bear with me on this post; there’s a possibility that I could still be a little intoxicated.  I’ll keep the grammar in check as best as I can.  It seems like Nissan… Continue reading

Encounter: HKS Alphard Veilfire

. You didn’t think HKS would touch a van would you?  Well, they did, and this is the outcome.  Not too sure about specs on this thing, but it is the newer ‘Veilfire’… Continue reading

Encounter: Car Sense built Camber Demon Crown Police Interceptor!

. Want to see something crazy?  Here you go.  Something crazy.  Car Sense brought it out like K-Break did in 2011 with this nuts Toyota Crown Police Interceptor Camber Mega Demon.  If you’re… Continue reading

Contest: NDF’s ‘Old Option – Let’s Read Car History! Giveaway’

. I’ve been wanting to do something kinda cool for a while now to show my thanks for the fans of Narita Dog Fight.  So I’ve come up with a little, hopefully, monthly… Continue reading

Close-Up: RE-雨宮 NA Super-7

. OK, everyone close your eyes.  On the count of three, open them and bestow upon yourself one of the most intense RX-7 builds to date.   Ready?  OK, 1…2…3…open!  You peaked didn’t… Continue reading

Encounter: COCKPIT T Four built Nissan S15

. COCKPIT is a huge company known for more than just aftermarket builds.  This particular S15 was built by the COCKPIT shop in Tatebayashi, located in the Gunma prefecture of Japan.  Any Initial… Continue reading