Event: Super GT Round 2 – Throwdown At Fuji Speedway v.2

. We continue the coverage of Super GT Round 2 from about the middle of the race.  By now I had wandered myself around the better half of the track and started making… Continue reading

Event: Super GT Round 2 – Throwdown At Fuji Speedway v.1

. Nothing can short change the excitement of a good road race.  Rapidly changing weather conditions, split second decisions, class differences, mental fatigue, and constant overtaking all combine to create an environment that… Continue reading

Encounter: Spoon Sports FN2 at Type One

. I caught this Spoon FN2 parked outside the Type One shop in Ogikubo.  It’s a car I’ve seen before around here, but it is rare none-the-less.  Japan initially imported just over 2,000… Continue reading

Close-Up: Auto Gallery Yokohama – GT-R R32 Heart Attack!

. A few years ago, if you were to have asked someone stateside if they knew what Auto Gallery Yokohama was, you’d probably get a blank stare.  Or perhaps someone would say that… Continue reading

Close-Up: FEEL’S FD2 Type-R

. It’s no secret that the Japanese tuning philosophy is to achieve the maximum with the minimum.  While we can see this practiced throughout all the major tuners, I wouldn’t be too far… Continue reading

Encounter: GTR34 at Twin Ring Motegi

. Saw this R34 while we were parking at Twin Ring Motegi and thought I’d snap a few pics.  I like the bright gold Top Secret Edition TE37 against the blue paint.  It… Continue reading

Preview: Super Taikyu Round 2 at Twin Ring Motegi

. Super Taikyu – not the most popular of series, but exciting in it’s own atmosphere, and one I’ve grown quite fond of.  It would be a stretch to say that many people… Continue reading

Preview: Super GT Super Lap Qualifying – Fuji Speedway

. I gotta say, I’ve been having one hell of a week.  With that out of the way, let me apologize for not updating the blog as promised.  I’ve been giving you crappy… Continue reading

Encounter: S2000 At Motegi

. Spotted this little guy sitting by itself in the parking area near Motegi.  Doesn’t it look ready to hit the mountain? .

One Shot: Twin Ring Motegi x Super Taikyu x Parking Area?

. Good evening NDF!  I apologize for the lack of updates, but since I’ve touched down on Japanese soil, I’ve literally been moving non-stop.  I think I’ve slept a full 5 hours in… Continue reading

Site News: NDF x JDM Clips Japan Motor Sport Tour – Take Off!

. Looks like Totoro and I are set to take another trip across the ocean to Japan.  While, he looks packed, I’m sure as hell not.  5 hours away from my flight I… Continue reading

One Shot: Spoon Sports Taikyu Fighter

. Not much to say other than I can’t get enough of this car; and I can’t wait to see it in person next Sunday at Twin Ring.  Next week is going to… Continue reading