Video: Kimi Raikkonen on Top Gear

. . With the start of the 2012 Formula 1 season in just a few days, I thought it would be appropriate to post up some related content.  Words can’t describe how stoked… Continue reading

Feature: Thunder Drift IS400 – 2012 Build Progress

. For those of you who are regulars of NDF, this Lexus (…is that what this is?) will be a familiar site to you.  It belongs to Joe McGuigan and is in the… Continue reading

Event: Hot Version Live Shooting v.1 – The Tsukuba Pits

. JDM Clips recently shot these last weekend during the live filming of Hot Version’s N2 and Advan Amateur Race at Tsukuba Circuit.  The Hot Version N2 AE86 event takes place every year,… Continue reading

Close-Up: Craft Company Time Attack FD

. Craft Company is, among other things, just plain awesome.  Based out of Amagasaki, a city in an industrial area in the Hyogo prefecture, Craft Company toils away under the hoods of many… Continue reading

Close-Up: Tec-Art’s AE86 N2 Project

. If you’re a fan of the Toyota AE86, then I’m sure that you will be extremely familiar with Tec-Art’s and what they do.  The fairly small, family run operation out of Yashio… Continue reading

Event: Wekfest 2012 – Fort Mason, San Francisco v.5 – Final

. It’s now been over a week since Wekfest SF and I’m still finding myself pouring over pictures from the event! I think I’ll just combine the few pictures I have left in… Continue reading

Preview: Hot Version Live Shoot @ Tsukuba Circuit

. ‘Under’ Suzuki-san’s Scorch Racing S15 staged up and ready to take on the trial of Tsukuba.  As our coverage of Wekfest SF 2012 dies down, I wanted to give you a preview… Continue reading

Event: Wekfest 2012 – Fort Mason, San Francisco v.4 – Honda Time

. As I wind down the Wekfest SF 2012 coverage, I was debating throwing everything I had into one final post.  As I was going through the shots though, I realized I had… Continue reading

Contest: NDF’s ‘Old Option – Let’s Read Car History! Giveaway’ – February 2012

. Yup!  It’s that time again!  Let’s help spread the good times – the official post has been posted in the NDF Facebook page.  It is the picture above.  Share away! So how… Continue reading

Close-Up: The Wheels of the Wek’

. I thought it would be a cool idea to make a post from an entirely different perspective for once – or, one perspective only actually.  There were so many people at the… Continue reading

Event: Wekfest 2012 – Fort Mason, San Francisco v.3

. By now I’m sure there is extensive coverage of this show up on every forum, blog, and auto site across the entire internet – so let me first thank you for sticking… Continue reading

Close-Up: Rising Suns Motorsports NSX

. So I first saw this car at the Canibeat meet in Fremont on Friday night, and although I tried to snap some shots of it, they came out not great because there… Continue reading