Event: MOD – Mitsubishi Owner’s Day 2011 v.1

  . Disclaimer: Aside from the Evolution, I am not a fan of any model car that Mitsubishi has produced in the US.  I respect the potential of a DSM engine, but as… Continue reading

Encounter: Mugen RR @ FSW

. I know I haven’t been updating the site as much as I should;  I’ve been busy with real life.  All that aside, I received a nice surprise in my email yesterday morning… Continue reading

Video: MUGEN S2000 (無限)

. . New video up on JDM Clips of the Mugen tuned S2000.   Here is a description of the video:   Mugen giving everyone a test ride on their completely tuned S2000. The… Continue reading

Encounter: Hot Stuff Corp Odyssey

. Saw this when I was walking around one morning.  When I got a little closer I saw it was used as a company vehicle for some contractor; it was full of wood,… Continue reading

Encounter: Track Attack! S2000

. Found this in an old thread on S2ki; thought it was worthy of a your attention.  I love seeing these things being used as Mr. Uehara intended. .  

Video: Up Garage CM

. The Japanese have marketing tactics that few people understand; maybe because products and trends move much faster than they do here in the States.  Case in point – the CM you see… Continue reading

Event: Wekfest LA 2011 v.4

. It’s been so long since this event I almost didn’t want to finish posting up the last of my shots. I didn’t want them to go to waste though so, while the… Continue reading

Close-Up: Sheepy built S2000

. Every once in awhile at these car shows, among the ocean of painted metal, you’ll see something that stands out above the rest.  It could be bodywork, a certain set of wheels,… Continue reading

Event: Wekfest LA 2011 v.3

. I might as well just dive into part three of Wekfest coverage.  This post is going to have a lot of Honda’s, and a lot of S2000′s – as if that were… Continue reading

One Shot: Project Back To Boost Update

. It’s been awhile since I posted anything on my junkyard turbo build.  I have a little free time now, so why not give you a little status update?  I gotta say, I… Continue reading

Event: Wekfest LA 2011 v.2

. Let’s get on with some more Wekfest LA coverage from Long Beach, CA.  I ended up writing this entire post before I even wrote the introduction.  I never know how to start… Continue reading

Event: Wekfest LA 2011 v.1

. Up until Friday I wasn’t even sure if I was going to be able to attend Wekfest LA.  Requesting days off isn’t as easy as it used to be with my new… Continue reading