Encounter: S2000 On Time Attack – Canibeat Pre-Sos Meet

. When I got the bay area yesterday, I saw the guys at Weksos tweeted that Canibeat had posted up a pre-meet near an In-N-Out at Fremont.  Thought it might be worth checking… Continue reading

Feature: Playing in the rain – Kevin’s Fairlady Z

. I’ve always been a fan of the Z32; it’s shape is so iconic to the 90’s sports car.  It’s one of those cars that I love to look at, but would never… Continue reading

Site News: WEKSOS Interview – In Transit with NDF

. I was browsing my Twitter feed and came across this update from weksosUSA of an interview I had with Geoffrey.  The day after my departure from WEKSOS HQ in the bay area,… Continue reading

Site News: Announcing Narita Team Spec Sticker!

. I’m happy to announce we have our first run of the Narita Team Spec stickers!  I know these have been requested for awhile now, and I apologize for the delay.  I’ve finally… Continue reading

Close-Up: Honda NSX Concept

. I’d have to say, I feel Honda cheated us a little bit with the HSV; but it looks like they’re looking to make up for it in the coming years.  Honda has… Continue reading

Encounter: RE雨宮 Rock the 7

. A couple more shots of some random 7’s built by RE Amemiya – this one for Super Autobacs.  From TAS 2012, courtesy of our friends at JDM Clips.  Click past the break… Continue reading

Video: NDF プレゼント: [みなとみらい21 トラフィック] Minato Mirai 21 Traffic

. . Last year, during one of my trips to Sakuragicho, I watched the sun set from the Landmark Tower observation deck.  While I was waiting I decided to film some traffic.  I… Continue reading

Interview: The Wolves behind Wekfest – A Visit To Weksos Industries

. . . Every once in awhile, my life points me in the direction of some pretty great things.  I have a passion for this industry, and above all, I enjoy sharing it… Continue reading

Encounter: Up Garage FT-86 meets AE-86

. It’s like a family reunion.  Maybe it’s my love of pastel colors, but I think this shot is pretty cool.  Thanks JDM Clips. .

Locale: Cobb Tuning Socal – Shop Tour

. After two straight weeks of work, I finally managed to squeeze in a much needed day off.  This past Wednesday I had plans to shoot my friends Z32 but, due to a… Continue reading

Video: eGarage.com presents Tokyo Auto Salon

. . The 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon presented by eGarage.com. Automotive enthusiasts and storytellers. The automotive scene makes homes to many differently styles of tuning culture. Be it race cars, VIP cars, drift… Continue reading

Encounter: Tommy Kaira Goes NSX

. . Tommy Kaira succeeds in the building of an elegant NSX.  They also succeed in having the coolest ‘wolf’ logo for a tuning company.  TAS 2012 – JDM Clips – Tommy Kaira… Continue reading