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Event: It’s JDM Yo! 1st Anniversary Meet v.2

. Welcome back to the second part of the It’s JDM Yo! meet coverage.  The sites traffic has been way up recently, I’d like to thank everyone who checks the site regularly.  I’ll… Continue reading

Close Up: Mastermind Odyvia

. There is an unusual amount of controversy about the look of the Odyvia.  Either you love it or you hate it; usually there is no in-between.  In my opinion, the front end… Continue reading

Event: It’s JDM Yo! 1st Anniversary Meet v.1

. Alright, let me just start out by saying that this meet turned out to be way bigger than I had expected.  I had originally planned to stop by real quick, say hello… Continue reading

Event: Eibach Open House 2011 v.3

. I thought it might be appropriate to end my Eibach coverage with a poster shot of the Eibach built CR-Z.  One of only two at the show; the other being the Honda… Continue reading

Feature: Johnny’s 559 EK

. Elementary.  The basics.  Simplicity.  Classicality.  Yes, that last one is actually a word.  All these words can sum up the look of Johnny’s fresh hatchback.  It’s almost more about the things he… Continue reading

Event: Eibach Open House 2011 v.2

. OK, on to round two of the Eibach Open House coverage.  Hope you’re liking the content so far – the sites traffic always shoots up dramatically when I post event photos.  Now… Continue reading

Event: Eibach Open House 2011 v.1

. For 7 years now Eibach Springs, with the help of some dedicated people, have been hosting the largest Honda/Acura meet in the country at the company headquarters in Corona, CA.  Each year… Continue reading

Feature: Good Smile Racing Z4-GT

. Following up that pink Studie BMW post, I have an awesome feature on this unusual GT300 contender.  The Studie built  Hatsune Miku Good Smile Racing BMW Z4 (初音ミク グッドスマイル) is unique to… Continue reading

Encounter: Studie AG 3

. Can I post another BMW?  At least it was tuned by a Japanese tuner.  This vibrant Studie built 3 series was also spotted in the lot.  Not sure about that color, but… Continue reading

Encounter: Enkeis on a R34

. This was in the parking lot at Fuji Speedway – wicked color right?  I think this is the first time I’ve seen a R34 on Enkei NT03′s.  I’m liking the hood and… Continue reading

Video: 2010 1JZ Meet Fuji Speedway – Nori Yaro

. . Alexi is quite the character.  Be sure to check out his spread in Drift Tengoku on foreign drift.