Feature: クラフトカンパニー企画 – Masaki Kitajo’s CCFD3S

In the Hyogo prefecture just Northwest of Osaka, is an industrial city named Amagasaki.  A mid sized city known for it’s manufacturing contributions to the Hanshin Industrial Region, and funny enough, the home… Continue reading

Encounter: Tsukuba TC1000 FC Brothers

  Cruised by TC1000 to watch an open track event while we enjoyed a couple Emerald Mountain Blend’s for a few minutes and spotted these two FC’s.  Pretty simple looking, but as you… Continue reading

Feature: Kuni Attack – Gunma’s S30Z Fighter

The long lasting relationship we build with our cars is a testament to the love of what we do.  It becomes more than just a machine, a tool to get from point a… Continue reading

Encounter: No One Said You Have To Like It

  Here’s a little weekend treat for you guys – a little something different.  I love Japan for many reasons, but as I touched on before, one of my favorite things about the… Continue reading

Encounter: Rainy Day Trouble – Team Perfect Style

  Last weekend at Mobara, the drift team Perfect Style made a pretty solid appearance for the open event.  I was pretty excited to see such a solid turn out, it really speaks… Continue reading

Feature: 江島清貴 Top Fuel Racing FD3S – Battle Evome 2014

Battle Evome, and time attack events in general, are so unique in the sense that each participant has their own story; their own background.  Where they come from, how they got into motor… Continue reading

Event: Battle Evome 2014 – The Winter War

  Everyone wants a flame, nobody wants to get burnt. A statement that cries out to the majority.  Sacrifice, defeat, disappointment; bitter vices that coincide with the greatest of victories.  Vices that the… Continue reading

Encounter: Candid Style – 86 at Fuji Speedway

I think I was on my way to meet up with friends to grab lunch or something when I spotted this girl playing with some kids behind an 86.  This is right in… Continue reading

Encounter: Mobara Circuit 32 – Girl’s Scheme

Caught this really cool R32 sedan at Mobara a week or so ago at the Team Yamada event.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised that it was owned and… Continue reading

Encounter: Tokyo’s Midnight – Civic SiR

  Caught this cool, track styled SiR at Tatsumi PA last weekend.  I didn’t get a chance to talk in depth with the owner because just about as soon as he parked, the… Continue reading

One Shot: Battle Evome Round 2 – The Winter War

  The brisk grounds of Tsukuba played host to the second round of Battle Evome this morning, and as quickly as it came, the battle has ended.  While not all contenders came out… Continue reading

Encounter: Out Run Mark II – Pro Shop Wave

At the Team Yamada drift event at Mobara Circuit this past weekend, the old D1 Pro Shop Wave JZX100 made an appearance and put in a couple practice runs.     It was… Continue reading