Event: Some Drift Thing In NorCal

This weekend I decided to take a little trip up to the Bay area to hang out with a few friends.  I’m pretty lucky in the sense that pretty much anywhere I travel… Continue reading

Exclusive: Vincent Ong’s S2000 – Vancouver’s Finest

Last Summer (Spring?) I flew up to Vancouver to visit friends, get some Buenos, eat at some strange Chinese/Canadian breakfast place (twice), and photograph Vincent’s beautiful Voltex equipped S2000 for Import Tuner.  Now… Continue reading

Feature: クラフトカンパニー企画 – Masaki Kitajo’s CCFD3S

In the Hyogo prefecture just Northwest of Osaka, is an industrial city named Amagasaki.  A mid sized city known for it’s manufacturing contributions to the Hanshin Industrial Region, and funny enough, the home… Continue reading

Encounter: Tsukuba TC1000 FC Brothers

  Cruised by TC1000 to watch an open track event while we enjoyed a couple Emerald Mountain Blend’s for a few minutes and spotted these two FC’s.  Pretty simple looking, but as you… Continue reading

Feature: Kuni Attack – Gunma’s S30Z Fighter

The long lasting relationship we build with our cars is a testament to the love of what we do.  It becomes more than just a machine, a tool to get from point a… Continue reading

Encounter: No One Said You Have To Like It

  Here’s a little weekend treat for you guys – a little something different.  I love Japan for many reasons, but as I touched on before, one of my favorite things about the… Continue reading

Encounter: Rainy Day Trouble – Team Perfect Style

  Last weekend at Mobara, the drift team Perfect Style made a pretty solid appearance for the open event.  I was pretty excited to see such a solid turn out, it really speaks… Continue reading

Feature: 江島清貴 Top Fuel Racing FD3S – Battle Evome 2014

Battle Evome, and time attack events in general, are so unique in the sense that each participant has their own story; their own background.  Where they come from, how they got into motor… Continue reading

Event: Battle Evome 2014 – The Winter War

  Everyone wants a flame, nobody wants to get burnt. A statement that cries out to the majority.  Sacrifice, defeat, disappointment; bitter vices that coincide with the greatest of victories.  Vices that the… Continue reading

Encounter: Candid Style – 86 at Fuji Speedway

I think I was on my way to meet up with friends to grab lunch or something when I spotted this girl playing with some kids behind an 86.  This is right in… Continue reading

Encounter: Mobara Circuit 32 – Girl’s Scheme

Caught this really cool R32 sedan at Mobara a week or so ago at the Team Yamada event.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised that it was owned and… Continue reading

Encounter: Tokyo’s Midnight – Civic SiR

  Caught this cool, track styled SiR at Tatsumi PA last weekend.  I didn’t get a chance to talk in depth with the owner because just about as soon as he parked, the… Continue reading