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Encounter: Garage Infinity Metal-Model Silvia

The diversity of Idlers events is comparable to few other races.  Just one glance at the entry list reveals everything from old Citroen’s and Alfa’s to Honda’s, Toyota’s and of course plenty of Porsche’s.  Each entrant is interesting to check out as they compete in all levels of tuning, but none stood out to me more than this Silvia from Garage Infinity.

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Encounter: The Advance of Yagihashi’s S15

To say that this Silvia has come a long way in the past few months would be an understatement.  It’s not all too often we know the background behind a specific car build in Japan, partially because it is not commonplace to make it known to the world what the builders are doing in real time (i.e. build threads or frequent outlets for updates).  So it would probably be a surprise to most that not too long ago this car used to be a gloss white, stock-bodied Silvia until it was involved in an unfortunate accident, leaving it in need of some intense repair.

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Garage Life: Rainy Day Blues

The sudden change in Southern California’s weather this weekend caused quite the stir.  Above all though, it allowed me to find out that my race car leaks like a bullet wound in the rain.  Packed up and ready to hit Willow Springs for the Twilight VTEC Club event, I had little idea that both my car would slowly turn into a water reservoir on the drive there, and that the track was going to be closed due to flash floods.  Even right after leaving the shop their was a profuse amount of water leaking in through the door, from the rear window, and from the floorboard (low key plug, all the Dogfight LCP parts did not leak).

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Event: Wekfest San Jose 2015

I didn’t even know I was going to be in Northern California until about a day before I left.  A few friends of mine were going up to Berkeley this past Friday for a concert and while I was hesitent to go because of my schedule, I kind of wanted to tag along to see a few friends that live in the City.  I eventually ended up getting a ticket last minute and attending the concert as well.  Since we were going to be staying in East Bay until Sunday anyway, the general consensus was to make the slight detour to San Jose and attend Wekfest.