Event: All Japan Z Meeting 2014

    While it’s true that Japan has quite the heritage in the automotive world, few models have a more prestigious lineage as the Fairlady Z.  Starting all the way back in the… Continue reading

Event: Option Fuji Super Lap Results V.2

  Well, to be honest with everyone, I’m kind of at a loss for words.  I’ve had so much going on that I completely forgot to finish posting the second half of Super… Continue reading

Encounter: え!振り向く! Street R33

    Sekinei, Keito and I were driving to lunch after visiting Unlimited Works last weekend when I spotted this pretty cool R33 parked in a lot on the street we were on. … Continue reading

Preview: ユーティリタスDR30!

When it comes to R30 Skylines, there is no one crazier than Ikegaya-san of Utilitas Japan; and this fully restored 1984 DR30 is a prime example of just how crazy he can be. … Continue reading

Encounter: Satoru Koyama’s D1 Z32 – Powers Factory

  小山哲さんのZ32 This weekend at Fuji Speedway, the All Japan Z Meeting took place.  This event is the largest Z meeting in the country, and is held annually at Fuji.  This year, Satoru… Continue reading

Event: Autocon 2014 Los Angeles – Selective Coverage V.3

  What a day…   I hope everyone else had a much better Wednesday than I did.  I’m just getting home from a 12 hour work day, with a 2 hour break in… Continue reading

Event: Autocon 2014 Los Angeles – Selective Coverage V.2

    I’ll dive right into the second part of my Autocon coverage because I don’t really know any other way to do it.  Actually, there are quite a few BMW’s in this… Continue reading

Event: Autocon 2014 Los Angeles – Selective Coverage V.1

  This past weekend in Los Angeles we had beautiful weather.  Somewhat cloudy, probably high 60’s/low 70’s, nice cool breeze; it was gorgeous.  Which normally wouldn’t make me think twice, but  because this… Continue reading

One Shot: 二兎を追う者は一兎をも得ず

  This car means a lot to me – it still shocks me that I got to see it in person, and on circuit.  Especially because I wasn’t even expecting it.  It was… Continue reading

Encounter: YSK-Motoring R33 GTS

  Ran into this super clean R33 at Fuji last month.  I didn’t get to see it on track, but it sure looked good sitting in the lot.  It’s funny because I’ve reached… Continue reading

Encounter: Kyushu Danji Frontrunner – Hiroyoshi Shimada

  The whole sport of time-attack has been picking up speed as of late, and over the past few years, one team has stood out amongst the rest as leaders in their own… Continue reading

Event: Hyper Meeting 2014 – ハイパミ V.2

  Continuing on with Hyper Meeting coverage, we’ll head out to the circuit where some of the time attack and races were taking place.  HKS’s R35 GT1000 was on hand putting in a… Continue reading