Close-Up: The Nagano Rush – Team Garage Mak Z33

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I wonder if it’s acceptable, in the off chance one falls victim to writer’s block, to type freely their thoughts?  I mean, this is a blog after all, and blogs are typically written in an informal or conversational style.  It would be difficult to keep it informational to the topic however, if I were to just start spouting off about a random thought.  In the case of the Garage Mak Z33, I could start typing about Nagano; the hometown of the shop.  Or perhaps about the Miyagawa brothers, the two creative powerhouses behind the brand.  I could always fall back to uncreatively (is that not a word?) listing off the modifications to the Z33.  To be honest though, I’m pretty sure I’ve covered all that basic stuff in prior articles – it seems redundant to keep typing it.  I could talk about how I was naked in a public bath again…does anyone even read this?



Event: HKS Premium Day 2015 – Assault on Fuji

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There I found myself; laying on the ground, the unmistakably cold chill of the natural wooden planks pressed against my warm back, staring blankly at the clouds drifting lazily overhead.  I slowly closed my eyes, ignoring the incredulous stares from the other men in the room, relaxing my exceedingly overworked muscles.  As the cool breeze consumes my elevated body temperature, and a somewhat effervescent steam radiates from my naked body, I couldn’t help but let my mind wander – recollecting upon the events of the day.  It had been a long one, I thought to myself, and ending the day with a trip to an onsen was nothing short of perfect (I realize that introduction has very little to do with the event, but I thought it was notably humorous).


Close Up: The HKS GT1000+ – The Final Act V.2



The poster child of HKS Premium Day; the GT1000+.  An enormously high powered R35 that was built for the sole purpose of achieving the fastest lap possible.  The build, which will compete in WTAC next year, was also the other half of the final event where they pit the GTR against the Endless Sports z4 GT3 I posted just yesterday.


Close Up: ENDLESS E89 Z4 GT3 – The Final Act V.1

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Have you ever had this strange urge, when opening a new book, to read the last paragraph before you actually start to read it?   I have. For whatever reason, I’ve always been compelled to turn to the last page before starting.  Often times, it doesn’t yield any spoilers or give any of the plot away, but sometimes it can give you a pretext of what to expect throughout the new literature.

Wallpaper: Pro Shop Fukuoh Upshift – HKS Day 2015

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With another weekend trip to Japan under my belt this month, I’m finally back home for the night.  Yeah that’s right, for the night.  I have to wake up tomorrow and fly to Dallas for a three day conference.  Before I go though, I will get the opportunity to process some shots from HKS Premium Day…I mean, someone has to show them how it’s done on circuit, right? ;P


Head over to the wallpaper page to get a hi-res shot of the Pro Shop Fukuoh FD powering out of turn 1 at Fuji Speedway just yesterday.  Admittedly, coverage will be slow coming, but expect a steady flow of posts next week;  I’ll be working locally and will be home in the evenings to process and write – and there is quite a bit to write about!  Seems like, for the most part, every contender in Super Lap was able to cut time this year.  Case in point, the Fukuoh FD lapped Fuji in just 1.46.841; nearly a full second improvement over last year’s time.  So stick around, I promise I won’t disappoint!






One Shot: The Tsukuba Tunnel – R34 GTR

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The passageway to Tsukuba’s paddock has seen some things; I can only imagine.


Event: Super Battle Evome 2015 – Season Opener

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The automatic doors opened and a rush of chilled winter air, mixed with the morning’s new sunlight, hit my face as I reluctantly left the warm comfort of the conbini.  Surprised, as if for some reason I had forgotten about the cold already, I fumbled to pull my neck warmer up with my hands full of coffee and various pastries.  Leaning up against the passenger side of the BMW, my warm breath visibly creating a fog around my head, I waited for Sekinei to exit the 711 to unlock the car and rescue me from the cold.  It was 5am on a Monday morning, I had landed in Japan 12 hours ago, and with just 4 hours of sleep to my credit, we were off – headed to the countryside of Tsukuba where we would rendezvous with Japan’s fastest privateers as they prepare to take on the first round of Battle Evome.