Encounter: Kyushu Danji Frontrunner – Hiroyoshi Shimada

  The whole sport of time-attack has been picking up speed as of late, and over the past few years, one team has stood out amongst the rest as leaders in their own… Continue reading

Event: Hyper Meeting 2014 – ハイパミ V.2

  Continuing on with Hyper Meeting coverage, we’ll head out to the circuit where some of the time attack and races were taking place.  HKS’s R35 GT1000 was on hand putting in a… Continue reading

Encounter: NOB Taniguchi’s Altezza

  I’m so behind on coverage of pretty much every event in Japan it’s killing me.  Hyper Meeting, still have the last of the HKS Premium Day coverage (which is long overdue), several… Continue reading

Locale: Kunny’z – 行きましょう!♪

  Throwing it back to last year when Jay and I stopped by Kunny’z to say hi to Kuniaki-san and Masahiko-san, seen here rocking the Uggs.  I had met Kunny-san awhile back briefly,… Continue reading

Event: Hyper Meeting 2014 – ハイパミ V.1

  This past weekend Mr. Satsuei was at Tsukuba Circuit to get coverage of Hyper Meeting 2014; an event that offers an extremely wide variety of popular cars, shops and a few events… Continue reading

Encounter: Pacific Racing Team x ラブライブ! – ハイパミ 2014!

  I mentioned on our Instagram account (@naritadogfight) that Sekinei was at Tsukuba this past weekend covering Hyper Meeting 2014.  I initially wanted to post up a bunch of shots from the event… Continue reading

One Shot: 週末の終わり

    Hope you all have a great week ~  

Preview: ハイパーミーティング2014 – Tsukuba 2000

  Sunday morning Tsukuba Circuit’s TC2000 played host to the 2014 Hyper Meeting.  Sekinei was on hand to capture the variety of demo cars that the tuner’s brought out to showcase.  Stay tuned… Continue reading

Event: Option Fuji Super Lap Results V.1

  The main attraction to HKS Premium Day has to be the Option Fuji Super Lap.  The best of the best gather and attack the circuit to claim their stake as the fastest… Continue reading

Event: Another Drift Thing In Nor-Cal

  A few months ago I flew up to Nor-Cal to visit some friends and to attend a drift thingy put together by Club Drift; you can see it here.  The first one… Continue reading

Site News: Limited Canvas Print Additions

  Happy to say that I finally got some time to print up a few more sample canvas prints to offer in the store.  The Pan Speed FD was a great way to… Continue reading

Feature: Garage Saurus Time Attack R32 GT-R

  Hayashi-san, owner of Garage Saurus, has built his product with roots firmly in the drag racing circuit.  It may surprise some then, if I were to tell you that for the past… Continue reading