Encounter: Tokyo Estima

. Here is something you won’t see too often in the states; a modified van.  They’re pretty common in Japan though, and the エスティマ (Estima) is one of the more popular platforms.  I… Continue reading

Scan: ワンメイクTUNEガイド 370Z

. I was browsing over the newest Option mag this morning over some coffee and came across this ワンメイクTUNEガイド (One Make Tune Guide) for the Fairlady Z.  On the back page was a… Continue reading

Video: AE86 At Meihan Sports Land

. . Saw this posted at Nori Yaro and thought I’d share it here as well. Some really cool in-car drift footage of this coupe at Meihan. For shots of the Looking car,… Continue reading

Encounter: S30 Kannai

. We were walking back to our hotel after a decent dinner at a place in 伊勢佐木町 when I saw this old Datsun parked on the street.  Of course the lighting and weather… Continue reading

Feature: IL4’s Time Attack EK

. Inline Four has been dedicated to Honda and Acura tuning for over a decade now.   I’ve been going to them since I moved to So-Cal in 2005; back when they were in… Continue reading

Video: Zonda R Nurburgring Lap

. I was watching Top Gear the other day and on their news segment they mentioned that the Nurburgring ‘production car’ lap record had been broken.  Apparently this happened way back in June. … Continue reading

Encounter: VIP Nissan Cima

. I caught this Y33 (Third gen. Cima) rolling down the same road as the Porsche I posted earlier; this is a pretty old picture though.  Lacking in ridiculous camber and aero, this… Continue reading

One Shot: Canyon Recess

. Addy & Mike .

Close Up: Spoon AP1

. Way before the build of the iconic Grand Prix White AP2 demo car, Spoon had built their AP1 race car.  The S2000, hailed as one of the greatest roadsters ever built.  It… Continue reading

Desktop: Kamakura Porsche

1680x . 1280x .  

Video: Drift Tengoku Vol. 19 Clip

. I was digging around my favorites on YouTube and I came across this video that was posted a few months ago. It has some great drifting action in the rain, a few… Continue reading

News: F1 – Vettel back to back podiums at Suzuka

. After 53 exciting laps at Suzuka, Vettel once again unleashed his true talent, and came out on top.  This makes for Sebastian’s second consecutive podium finish here at Suzuka – a feat… Continue reading