One Shot: Canyon Recess

. Addy & Mike .

Close Up: Spoon AP1

. Way before the build of the iconic Grand Prix White AP2 demo car, Spoon had built their AP1 race car.  The S2000, hailed as one of the greatest roadsters ever built.  It… Continue reading

Desktop: Kamakura Porsche

1680x . 1280x .  

Video: Drift Tengoku Vol. 19 Clip

. I was digging around my favorites on YouTube and I came across this video that was posted a few months ago. It has some great drifting action in the rain, a few… Continue reading

News: F1 – Vettel back to back podiums at Suzuka

. After 53 exciting laps at Suzuka, Vettel once again unleashed his true talent, and came out on top.  This makes for Sebastian’s second consecutive podium finish here at Suzuka – a feat… Continue reading

Encounter: Kamakura Porsche

. Caught this clean 911 cruising down the main drag when I got off the Enoden at 鎌倉高校前駅 (Kamakurakōkōmae Station).   You can usually see some pretty nice cars driving along this road because… Continue reading

Desktop: Night & Day

1680x . 1680X . When you’re on the observation floor of the Landmark Tower you are treated to four different viewing angles.  The view from these shots overlooks Sakuragicho Station, and shoots off… Continue reading

Encounter: Shibuya Vitz

. So I’ve returned!  It seemed like such a short trip, and honestly, I didn’t get as much material as I would have liked.  On a side note though, my friend is on… Continue reading

News: NDF goes to Japan

. Tomorrow morning I’ll be locking up and heading out again to spend a few days in the island of automotive goodness.  I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for some great… Continue reading

Encounter: Monster R32 GTR

. I came across this old shot of a R32 with a solid stance.  I didn’t get a good look at it from the side or front because it was squeezed into a… Continue reading

Feature: JCCS Celica GT

. Before I set sails across the Pacific, I thought I’d revisit a car from JCCS.  This 2-door, hardtop Celica GT coupe stole the show for me at JCCS.  This model of Celica… Continue reading

Video: V-OPT #199 preview

Newest Video Option preview featuring footage from Ebisu, and the random antics of the Option guys. .