Encounter: B120 Sunny

. I saw this B120 towards the back of Masaru Tanaka’s photostream.  The B120 was introduced in the late 70’s, and it was based off of the B110 car chassis.  I’m a sucker… Continue reading

Encounter: Matsuya Miata

. I can’t believe I haven’t posted this yet.  This was taken in Tokyo sometime back in 2007 when CE28’s were just coming onto the scene.  I spotted this clean hard-top roadster in… Continue reading

Site News: 10 Grand

. I just checked out the site statistics for 2011 and, to my surprise, we got over 10,000 views in the month of January alone!  Thanks to everyone who checks in to browse… Continue reading

Encounter: Work RX-7

. Saw this mildly tuned FD upon leaving Autobacs one morning.  Although I’m not a fan of Work Emotion CR-KAI’s because of the lack of lip, they do look alright here.  The rear… Continue reading

Video: Meihan Residents – TEAM BURST and Friends

. . Found this from a quick search on Vimeo; shot by InertiaMS.  It’s a great video with some cool editing, and great clips. .

Feature: Nakamura’s S13

. I like Team Burst.  You probably like them too.  I’d even venture to say that out of all the organized drift ‘teams’ in Japan, that Team Burst is the most recognized.  This… Continue reading

Video: Gazoo Racing LFA at Fuji Speedway

. . Told you I’d find it! Turn your speakers up and thank NihonCar for bringing us such a cool vid. The sound this car makes leaving the pits (@ 1min. 10sec.) is… Continue reading

Close-Up: Super GT at TAS 2011

. OK so I lied about the whole ‘no more TAS’ thing; but I never got a chance to post up the Super GT Special.  TAS is a trade show, and what better… Continue reading

News: BURST is BACK!

. *Taken from 7tune – FYI 7tune is a super legit blog, def. check them out if you haven’t yet. News comes to us from the international staff at Tomei Powered in Machida… Continue reading

Encounter: Cream of Fit

. Saw this Fit when we were walking towards Autobacs Yokohama and decided to snap a few pics.  It was pretty beat, but I think it added to the charm.  It had this… Continue reading

Event: Tokyo Auto Salon 2011 v.5

. I have a feeling this last installment is going to be filled with R35 goodness.  Mine’s, Endless, HKS, Option; they all had GT-R’s on display, and they were all fantastic.  For a… Continue reading

One Shot: Model Madness

. Thought I’d post this for a few laughs.  Definitive proof that there were people there for reasons other than cars.  Not one person is looking at the 86 in this shot.  The… Continue reading