Video: V-OPT #199 preview

Newest Video Option preview featuring footage from Ebisu, and the random antics of the Option guys. .

Desktop: Civic Type-R

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Video: Miniature City by mockmoon

. I’m getting ready to head off to Japan again next week, and there is no quicker way to pump me up about it than to watch some of mockmoon’s timelapse vids on… Continue reading

Event: 6th Annual JCCS, Long Beach V.3

. Alright, I got the last set of pics ready from JCCS.  This RHD Crown definitely fit the bill for bosozoku styling.  If you’re into that, check out Bosozoku Style for more hot… Continue reading

Locale: フライラット, 町田 – Fly Rat, Machida

. Thought I’d break up some coverage of JCCS with a little look at the Fly Rat used car & part shop in Machida, Tokyo.  This is literally right next door to the… Continue reading

Event: 6th Annual JCCS, Long Beach V.2

. On to round 2 of the JCCS coverage.  Like I mentioned in the previous post, engine swaps are all to common at this show;  and this coupe is no exception.  This is… Continue reading

Event: 6th Annual JCCS, Long Beach V.1

. The warm sun, the cool ocean breeze blowing through the trees;  Downtown Long Beach makes the perfect venue for just about any get together – and the 6th annual holding of the… Continue reading

Encounter: Tokyo Chaser

. Spotted this 6th gen. Chaser on the way to the Post Office.   Took a quick snap before he sped away.  Well built; I would have liked to get a closer look.

News: US F1 Austin Track Layout Revealed

. People who know me will tell you I’m somewhat ‘obsessed’ with Formula 1; and with F1 being the absolute pinnacle of motorsports, it doesn’t go without reason.  So when I logged into… Continue reading

Encounter: Katsuradai R34

. This pristine R34 is always parked out front of a Junior High School in the quiet neighborhood of  かつらだい (Katsuradai); where my friend’s in-laws live.  I’m guessing the owner is a teacher,… Continue reading

Video: OPTION Vol.198 2010年8月26日(木)発売!

. A preview of the latest D1 event in Ebisu, covered by Option.

Encounter: Tokyo Street Evo

. We were walking around some prefecture near Roppongi Hills in Tokyo one afternoon while my friends wife was getting her haircut.  While crossing a pedestrian bridge I spotted these kids J-walking across… Continue reading