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One Shot: URAS JZX100 Chaser – TAS Spotlight

Tokyo Auto Salon has always been hit or miss for me.  I’ve attended for three years starting in 2009, but recently decided to stop going.  For me, my time is better spent fulfilling… Continue reading

Event: Chiba Overrun – Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 V.2

We’ll get right back into the TAS coverage, as you can see in this shot there is a lot of ground to cover under the giant ceilings of Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.… Continue reading

Encounter: Bad Quality’s Nakagawa-san – TAS 2014

  Nakagawa Shuichi’s S13 build is most likely one of the most well known on the internet.  In fact, it was even on the cover of this month’s Super Street magazine.  What amazes… Continue reading

Event: Chiba Overrun – Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 V.1

  It’s usually about this time in January when the internet is flooded with content from Tokyo Auto Salon.  For good reason; it’s one of the most look forward to events of the… Continue reading

Feature: ポンダリさんのワイドボディ Z32

As I’m sitting here, looking through the January 2013 issue of Option, page 44 specifically, I can’t help but reminisce on a specific attendee of my Dog Fighter Cafe in February (2 if… Continue reading

Close-Up: ヒカルさんのスカイライン32 – Dogfighter Cafe, Umihotaru

  Hikaru-san and his R32 stopped by Umihotaru for my DogFighter Cafe last month.  Looking forward to finally getting to go through the photos of the meet.  The turn out was pretty good!… Continue reading

日本を見つけた – Solamachi & Tokyo Sky Tree

I’ve recently been noticing that many of NDF’s viewers are not only interested in learning about Japanese cars and motor sport culture; they are also interested in learning about Japan itself.  Looking back… Continue reading

One Shot: アキバ EVO cruise

  I had to make a quick run to Akihabara one afternoon (I say ‘had’ because I don’t particularly enjoy going there) to pick up something from ヨドバシカメラ, a.k.a  12 story Mega brain… Continue reading

Close-Up: オミオさんのlowdownスカイラインHCR32

Looking back at the pictures from Nao’s 90’s Cafe Meet at Heiwajima PA, I’m realizing that the turnout was quite good; better than I had anticipated actually.  Throughout the night, various cars from… Continue reading

One Shot: Revolfe S.A. S15オーテックのエンジン シルビア

レヴォルフェドットコム Revwolfe S.A. tuned S15 Autech Engine powered coupe.  This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but make no mistake; this car is extremely cool.  High Power & Save Energy.

Encounter: Silvia Friends

    After some friends and I got done playing around taking photos on the expressway one night, we headed over to Shibaura parking area to see if there was anything going on. … Continue reading

One Shot: Zenki S14 at Umihotaru

. There wasn’t much going on tonight, so Yuta, Allan and I went to grab a drink at Tea Station; which is pretty standard at this point.  Not sure why, but we all… Continue reading