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Close-Up: The Nagano Rush – Team Garage Mak Z33

  I wonder if it’s acceptable, in the off chance one falls victim to writer’s block, to type freely their thoughts?  I mean, this is a blog after all, and blogs are typically… Continue reading

Event: All Japan Z Meeting 2014

    While it’s true that Japan has quite the heritage in the automotive world, few models have a more prestigious lineage as the Fairlady Z.  Starting all the way back in the… Continue reading

Encounter: Satoru Koyama’s D1 Z32 – Powers Factory

  小山哲さんのZ32 This weekend at Fuji Speedway, the All Japan Z Meeting took place.  This event is the largest Z meeting in the country, and is held annually at Fuji.  This year, Satoru… Continue reading

One Shot: 週末の終わり

    Hope you all have a great week ~  

Close-Up: チームファンタのZ32!

We’ll kick off some of the Mobara drift coverage with a closer look at Kato-san’s Z32; one of the more famous drift Z32’s in Japan. Unfortunately later in the afternoon Kato damaged the… Continue reading

Encounter: マーキュリーレーシング Z33

Last weekend at Fuji Speedway during Skyline Owners Battle, the Mercury Racing Project built Z33 demo car made an appearance at the Wakos booth.   The livery on this car is great; I really… Continue reading

Encounter: Fuji フェアレディ友達

Last weekend a couple of my friends all went to Fuji Speedway to check out the Slammed Society show, and they got some cool shots of all their cars as well.  Pondari, Manabu,… Continue reading

Event: 2013 Japanese Classic Car Show

This past weekend Long Beach’s Queen Mary played host to the 9th annual Japanese Classic Car Show.  A show that I particularly enjoy, as it’s roots are firmly planted in the nostalgia of… Continue reading

One Shot: Chiba Cruise – Import Tuner Feature

If you follow this blog, chances are you’ve seen Mr. Harada’s Z32 more than a couple times.  He is a good friend, and I always take time to visit when I’m in Japan. … Continue reading

Encounter: アミサキさんのZ32

When Harada & Sekinei went to Fuji Speedway for the Fairlady Festival, they met up with Amisaki-san who was out showing in the main lot.  Since Harada’s car is currently down, they took… Continue reading

One Shot: Fuji Speedway S30 Action – やばい! ~~

  This guy got a little too anxious on the parade lap last weekend at Fuji Speedway.  I’ll have some more shots from the Fairlady Festival up soon.    

One Shot: Fairlady Festival – Fuji Speedway

Hello from Fuji Speedway!  Hope you all had a good weekend; here’s a little preview from the フェアレディ祭 at Fuji Speedway this past weekend.  Narita Dogfight x NORUSH Japan.  Good friends Sekinei and Harada… Continue reading