Close-Up: The Nagano Rush – Team Garage Mak Z33

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I wonder if it’s acceptable, in the off chance one falls victim to writer’s block, to type freely their thoughts?  I mean, this is a blog after all, and blogs are typically written in an informal or conversational style.  It would be difficult to keep it informational to the topic however, if I were to just start spouting off about a random thought.  In the case of the Garage Mak Z33, I could start typing about Nagano; the hometown of the shop.  Or perhaps about the Miyagawa brothers, the two creative powerhouses behind the brand.  I could always fall back to uncreatively (is that not a word?) listing off the modifications to the Z33.  To be honest though, I’m pretty sure I’ve covered all that basic stuff in prior articles – it seems redundant to keep typing it.  I could talk about how I was naked in a public bath again…does anyone even read this?



Event: All Japan Z Meeting 2014

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While it’s true that Japan has quite the heritage in the automotive world, few models have a more prestigious lineage as the Fairlady Z.  Starting all the way back in the late 60’s (1969 to be exact) to the first sale of the Z car, all the way to today in 2014 with the continuation of the Z34.  For the better part of 45 years, Nissan has outdone themselves again and again with the name of the Z.  The first week of May 2014 marked a time in Japan, where all Nissan Fairlady Z owners could gather to celebrate this heritage at Fuji Speedway in the ‘All Japan Z Meeting’.  Check out some of the coverage Mr. Sekinei got for us below…






Kat-san’s pretty blue Z32 looking as clean as ever for the show.





I think a large appeal of the show is to come to see today’s classic Z cars, like this old Datsun.  Beautiful in it’s own right – these cars have real history.  Each one old enough to have it’s fair share of stories.






This Z31 had a pretty sweet Mazora paint job – a modern twist on an 80’s classic.







Speaking of classics, how about this pair of S130’s.







Really nice fender work on this one…






Tribute to Loose Racing friends…






One of the Z’s was rocking a complete OS Giken L28.






Which they market as the TC24-B1; a modern take on the L28.






Another gorgeous S30









Interesting wheel choice.







The gloomy morning clouds soon parted in the afternoon, just enough to shine brightly on this immaculate engine bay.




While some owners stuck to the original, others took advantage of the powerplants available today.





The Z32!  A totally new look from it’s older brother the Z31.  With the introduction of a much wider chassis, a more aerodynamic design, and new technology like Nissan’s Super HICAS rear ends, the Z32 made quite an impact worldwide.  While critically acclaimed in it’s initial years, the 90’s unfortunately had other plans for Japanese sports cars and the name died out for awhile until the Z33 was created.






I suppose all that just makes the Z32 that much more special.  Totsuka-san’s turbo Z32 on Work Meisters – super clean car and a good friend.






Takai-san and Amisaki-san from Osaka – Osaka style is so lowdown!  Amisaki took home ‘best Z32′ I believe.  Awesome car and always supporting NDF/NORUSH.  Good guys!







Really cool Z32, similar to Takai-sans, but turbo, on track for the parade lap.






Veilside equipped Z33 getting in on the fun.





…and what Z meet is complete without….GTR’s?










Cool Group A replica R32.





Then there was this mystery car.  SO awesome!  Sekinei and I think it might be a Subaru Vivio or something…but not sure.  Super rad.






FD and GTR’s in the parking lot waiting for some time on track…






Really nice FD…wait….I thought this was All Japan Z Meet?  Let’s get back on track here; no pun intended.







This is more like it.






And then, all of a sudden, it was literally a parade of Z cars…it looked like so much fun just to cruise Fuji.














Love this shot.













This slammed Z33 even took a few laps around Fuji – probably the only track time it will ever see.






Led by this more appropriate Z.




Sekinei’s 32 on it’s new Nismo LMGT’s – actually the last set that Omori Factory had in that size!  Good find. Debt World is our Main Zone.  That Z31 is gorgeous as well.





Satsuei and Totsuka – Japan’s finest.







NORUSH Japan/NDF friends group shots.  There’s a couple Z’s missing because the meet is held during the week and some couldn’t make it or had to leave early – but still a good showing!  Overall a really fun meet with a lot of great cars.









Encounter: Satoru Koyama’s D1 Z32 – Powers Factory

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This weekend at Fuji Speedway, the All Japan Z Meeting took place.  This event is the largest Z meeting in the country, and is held annually at Fuji.  This year, Satoru Koyama, the little known D1 competitor brought out his competition Z32.










小山さん曰く、「NAの方がHICASも無く、R200の方が、R230のデフと違い、ファイナルギアのチョイスが豊富だからとの事」 です。

Koyama-san has been competing in D1 for about 6 years now under the flag of his own shop Powers Factory.  This car started as a NA base due to the Z32’s NA offering having no HICAS, so a R200 differential was used in order to increase the ability to change the final diff gearing.

The Gram Light 57Xtremes are a great choice of wheel for the amazingly bright car that this is.











Mission aero replaces the stock body lines with a more aggressive look fit for the track.  A Carbon GT Wing and mild carbon front end aero add to the appeal of the older chassis.





The turbocharged VG was built by Escort – a Z specialist shop focusing on drag racing.














The interior is just as you would imagine – stripped of all things unnecessary.






Our good friend Harada-san loved this car so much that it is the reason for him getting Mission aero as well!  His inspiration.


Check the below links for more info!





ESCORT Drag Racing Service


Photos/Japanese Text: Satsuei Seki





Close-Up: チームファンタのZ32!

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We’ll kick off some of the Mobara drift coverage with a closer look at Kato-san’s Z32; one of the more famous drift Z32’s in Japan.


Unfortunately later in the afternoon Kato damaged the front end a bit – it looked pretty bad, but hopefully there is no frame damage.  Would love to see more of this car in the future.




Thanks to Sekinei for the shots!


Encounter: マーキュリーレーシング Z33

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Last weekend at Fuji Speedway during Skyline Owners Battle, the Mercury Racing Project built Z33 demo car made an appearance at the Wakos booth.   The livery on this car is great; I really like the yellow backed blue chrome.  Mercury Enterprises is a sort of online car dealer of sorts…a bit hard to explain.  They do, however, have a ‘motor sports’ division that supports and even puts on track events in as a way to encourage safe driving.  You can check out their site for more info if you’re interested.


There were 7 Z33’s registered for the Fairlady race that day, but unfortunately this wasn’t one of them.  It would have been great to see it on track.


Great combination of Varis and Voltex aero pieces.

It’s possible that a third party has purchased this car, so perhaps we’ll get to see it on circuit next time!


Encounter: Fuji フェアレディ友達

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Last weekend a couple of my friends all went to Fuji Speedway to check out the Slammed Society show, and they got some cool shots of all their cars as well.  Pondari, Manabu, Sekinei, and Kume; coincidentally are all Z32 enthusiasts; they also are all very well built.  All are part of NORUSH Japan, and help out with the blog so it’s pretty cool to me that they got this shot.



My good friend Sekinei’s track prepped Z on a new set of Prodrives.  He’s actually competing in the Z32 portion of Skyline Owner’s Battle tomorrow – wish him luck!



Harada-san’s Mission equipped, wide body 32.  This car needs no introduction I’m sure.  I actually have a lot of unused shots from the Import Tuner article; I’m sure I’ll get around to posting them eventually.


Pondari-san’s ‘everything on this car is custom’ Z32.  This car was featured on the cover of Option magazine awhile back.  He also attended the first NDF Cafe – you can find some more shots of it on the site.  Hope to see him again in November.


Kume-san’s custom widebody Z – the Princess of Z32’s.  The front fenders and rear quarters are all hand crafted from metal – no fiberglass.  The touches of Kawasaki green give the car a bit of personal feel.  Rumor has it there may be a new look for this car soon (although I’m not supposed to say anything more).

Making this post makes me realize how much I miss these guys.  I’ll see them all at NDF Cafe in November, so I’ll be there soon enough!