One Shot: Project Back To Boost Update

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It’s been awhile since I posted anything on my junkyard turbo build.  I have a little free time now, so why not give you a little status update?  I gotta say, I never knew this blog would be so popular when I started it up.  Not like it’s Speedhunters status or anything, but I get hundreds, sometimes thousands of hits a day, and I’m super stoked about it.  I’m even more excited about the responses I’ve been getting about my own build.  It’s really cool to see people get involved in others projects – creates a real community atmosphere.  If you have an ongoing build, feel free to shoot me an email with some pics, if I’m digging it I’ll throw it up on the site.  Thanks again for visiting, and I know I’ve promised this before, but the merch is coming!

Anyway, here is a list:  P28 w/piggyback, manual boost controller, boost gauge, and a little magical welding.  That’s about all I need to begin the install.  When I say this is a low-budget build I mean it.  I got quite a bit of the parts from my good friend ‘OEM Addy’.  The piping, the intercooler, the couplers, and the DSM blow-off all came off of his old 240 setup.  If I couldn’t get his intercooler, I had planned on using an Evo 8 or 9 front mount.  They go for under $100 on craigslist and their core size is great for a Honda.  I’ll be using a cast manifold from God Speed; cost? $80.  I’m still a little weary about throwing the T3 on without a rebuild.  I really have no idea what condition it is in,  and there is a tiny bit of shaft play.  I’m trying to keep this at a minimum cost though, and a rebuild would be close to $200 – I’ll cross my fingers.  Next update will probably be next month when we start to mock up some piping.

The picture of the rear of my car is from when I was test fitting the GRN’s I picked up.  I’ll be using that wheel as my spare because it has a little chunk taken out of it, and it has some old ass 195 series Advan race tire on it.  The car is sitting high because of the 16’s I had on before these – the car will be a bit lower.  This pic reminds me I need to get rid of that sticker residue…