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Encounter: Youthful Frenzy – Yoshi’s NojiReal built 86

  I first had the pleasure of meeting young Yoshinori-kun at Idlers in 2013 in Motegi (actually we first met at RWB, but that’s beside the point).  He had been helping the entire… Continue reading

Encounter: フライラット Levin – Steady Advance

  I can’t remember what day it was but I do remember Alex, Park, Noogz, Matt and I ended up at Up Garage sometime during our last trip; big surprise there right?  Not… Continue reading

Encounter: テクノ・プロ・スピリッツ – Techno Pro Spirit N2 Corolla

A couple shots of the Techno Pro Spirit Corolla that were taken at Tsukuba during the Hot Version N2 Race last year.  By no means the craziest build at the race, but definitely… Continue reading

Encounter – Sunday Afternoon With Late Night Mischief

  This past weekend I flew up to the Bay area to photograph Dino’s Corolla.  We were strapped for time on Saturday evening, so we agreed to meet up again to finish up… Continue reading

Event: Colab Drift Day at Balcony

. So, last weekend I rode up with a couple of friends to Willow Springs Raceway for a drift event at Balcony that was put on by Colab.  Whew, that sentence is way… Continue reading

Event: Hot Version Live Shooting at Tsukuba v.2

. Continuing on with the coverage of Hot Version’s filming at Tsukuba Circuit, we’ll take a look at more of what the garages held, and also get a preview of some of the… Continue reading

Event: Nisei Showoff 2011 v.1

. C-h-e-c-k.  Check.  OK, my keyboard still works.  Holy shit I’m tired.  Two nights before Nisei I was stuck at work for 23 hours straight.  Yeah that’s right, 23.  I never fully recovered,… Continue reading

Encounter: Mouse!

. The infamous 86 coupe tandem drift extraordinaire team Mouse.  I can’t remember what blog I found these on – if I can remember I’ll post it up. . . Love the fender… Continue reading