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日本を見つけた – Solamachi & Tokyo Sky Tree

I’ve recently been noticing that many of NDF’s viewers are not only interested in learning about Japanese cars and motor sport culture; they are also interested in learning about Japan itself.  Looking back… Continue reading

Close-Up: オミオさんのlowdownスカイラインHCR32

Looking back at the pictures from Nao’s 90’s Cafe Meet at Heiwajima PA, I’m realizing that the turnout was quite good; better than I had anticipated actually.  Throughout the night, various cars from… Continue reading

Garage Life: An Evening In Riverside

. Yesterday evening we decided to make the drive out to Riverside to visit Franklin.  His car’s been down for awhile and he hasn’t been able to come down our way for awhile. … Continue reading

Site News: WEKSOS Interview – In Transit with NDF

. I was browsing my Twitter feed and came across this update from weksosUSA of an interview I had with Geoffrey.  The day after my departure from WEKSOS HQ in the bay area,… Continue reading