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Encounter: 牛島慎太郎のシルビア S15

A couple shots of Shintaro’s S15 Silvia at Tsukuba.  Looks like the front splitter makes a nice coffee holder.     Unfortunately, Shintaro didn’t get enough time on track to set a hot… Continue reading

Encounter: 本庄サーキット タイヤ館 – コクピット シルビア

This weekend Sekinei took to the circuit to participate in the Bridgestone sponsored タイヤ館 event in Honjo.  Among the runners at the track, this Silvia stood out the most with it’s attack styling… Continue reading

Event: Super GT Round 8 At Motegi 250km – Pre-Race Practice

  So, it was 5am and the only thing I could think about was getting caffeine into my system; not if my friend was going to be late, not if it was going… Continue reading

Close-Up: APR HASEPRO GT300 Toyota Prius

. Aside from the KERS outfit on a Formula 1 car, it would be a safe bet that the last thing that goes through peoples minds when discussing motor sports is the term… Continue reading

Event: Super GT Round 2 – Throwdown At Fuji Speedway v.2

. We continue the coverage of Super GT Round 2 from about the middle of the race.  By now I had wandered myself around the better half of the track and started making… Continue reading

Locale: Cobb Tuning Socal – Shop Tour

. After two straight weeks of work, I finally managed to squeeze in a much needed day off.  This past Wednesday I had plans to shoot my friends Z32 but, due to a… Continue reading

Video: Subaru BRZ GT300

. . Subaru released this insanely awesome video yesterday in regards to it’s intentions on using the BRZ as a GT300 competitor in Super GT.  This will quite possibly be the most bad… Continue reading

Event: Motor Sport Japan 2011 – On Track Action

. Before I post the coverage that JDM Clips got of the Motor Sports Japan 2011 Festival, I thought it would be cool to share the ‘on-track’ action from the event.  Race teams,… Continue reading

Event: Super GT – Behind the Scenes

. Race day – it truly is special.  As the purpose built machines line the grid, the quiet idling of their hungry engines a deceiving tone.  Just minutes before the red lights go… Continue reading

Event: Super GT Fuji Results

. At the beginning of the month the delayed opening round of Super GT took place at Fuji Speedway and saw the first victory of the season go to the Autech GTR of… Continue reading

Event: 2010 Super GT Test Day at Twin Ring Motegi

. Ah, Monday.  Hope you all had a good race weekend; congrats to Sebastian Vettel for his second 2011 season win!  As promised, I’m posting up some shots of  a Super GT Test… Continue reading

Preview: Super GT Test Day @ Twin Ring

. In lieu of the recent events that have taken place in Japan, you can imagine that gathering content for a site that focuses on Japanese motorsports is quite challenging.  To be honest,… Continue reading