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Event: Super GT Round 2 – Throwdown At Fuji Speedway v.2

. We continue the coverage of Super GT Round 2 from about the middle of the race.  By now I had wandered myself around the better half of the track and started making… Continue reading

Locale: Cobb Tuning Socal – Shop Tour

. After two straight weeks of work, I finally managed to squeeze in a much needed day off.  This past Wednesday I had plans to shoot my friends Z32 but, due to a… Continue reading

Close-Up: GReddy Nissan 35RX

. Bear with me on this post; there’s a possibility that I could still be a little intoxicated.  I’ll keep the grammar in check as best as I can.  It seems like Nissan… Continue reading

Preview: Nismo Festival 2011

. Let me first apologize for the lack of activity on NDF recently.  I’ve been extremely busy with my new job and haven’t had time to update, or go to any events.  I’m… Continue reading

Close-Up: S Road MOLA Super GT R35 GTR

. At the 2011 Motor Sport Japan festival, S Road MOLA had their GT-500, SUGO pole and podium winning Super GT car on display.  JDM Clips was able to get up close and… Continue reading

Event: Motor Sport Japan 2011 – On Track Action

. Before I post the coverage that JDM Clips got of the Motor Sports Japan 2011 Festival, I thought it would be cool to share the ‘on-track’ action from the event.  Race teams,… Continue reading

Event: R’s Meeting 2011 – Fuji Speedway v.2

Welcome back to the second part of the R’s Meeting coverage from Fuji.  I’m considering this a remote post because I’m actually not at home right now.  If you’re a regular follower you’ll… Continue reading

Event: R’s Meeting 2011 – Fuji Speedway v.1

. Have you ever had one of those months that seems to last only a few days?  Between work and my unnatural, incessant need to constantly be inside of an airplane, it feels… Continue reading

Event: ノスタルジックカー Skyline Festival 2011 @ Fuji Speedway v.3

. Alright, now that I’m back in the US and have access to a computer again, I can finally post up the last of the Skyline Festival pics.  In addition to the meet… Continue reading

Event: ノスタルジックカー Skyline Festival 2011 @ Fuji Speedway v.1

. Throughout the year, ノスタルジックカーショー (Nostalgic Car Show), hosts a series of events for classic makes of cars – included in this series is the beloved Nissan Skyline.  Every year hundreds of Skyline… Continue reading

Event: Wekfest LA 2011 v.2

. Let’s get on with some more Wekfest LA coverage from Long Beach, CA.  I ended up writing this entire post before I even wrote the introduction.  I never know how to start… Continue reading

Event: It’s JDM Yo! 1st Anniversary Meet v.3

. The stragglers.  Leftover pictures that didn’t make it into an event post.  This is what you’ll get with the final It’s JDM Yo! event post.  Seriously, these events are getting so big… Continue reading