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Event: NDF Winter Cafe 2014 V.1

After I had gotten back home to Yokohama after this year’s Winter Cafe I was nothing short of exhausted.  Around 330am, I sat down on the couch with Sekinei and we talked a… Continue reading

Encounter: Tatsukuro-san’s TFR Blessed FD3S

No stranger to a variety of cars, S15, Altezza, JZX100, (even the FD, having owned one before this) just to name a few, Muraki Tatsuhiko has more experience than most when it comes to… Continue reading

Encounter: Super Now 997 GT3 RS

    Super Now; an eccentric parts company located in Saitama that focuses mainly on the RX7 and rotary components, but dabbles in many other platforms.  To the average enthusiast, probably not the… Continue reading

Event: 7′s Meeting Fuji Speedway

    July 7th marks a day in Japan that RX7 owners and enthusiasts rejoice almost religiously.  It’s a day of celebration of a lineage of car that has had an impact on… Continue reading

Feature: Battle Evome’s Wild Heart – Tommy’s FD3S

There is a feeling that some have experienced that is as nerve racking as it is exhilarating.  Some may crumble under it,  feed off of it; becoming stronger, faster.  A sort of pressure… Continue reading

Encounter: パン・スピードアタック! – The Pan Speed FD3S

    Pan Speed.  In the realm of rotary tuning, very few names come before it.  They are top tier; specialists in their territory.  Their flagship car, seen here, is iconic in both… Continue reading

Site News: Select Canvas Prints – Time Limited Release

  I’m very excited to finally be able to release these after working to perfect them for the last month.  When I offer something with the NDF name attached to it, I want… Continue reading

Encounter: Tsukuba TC1000 FC Brothers

  Cruised by TC1000 to watch an open track event while we enjoyed a couple Emerald Mountain Blend’s for a few minutes and spotted these two FC’s.  Pretty simple looking, but as you… Continue reading

Event: Chiba Overrun – Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 V.1

  It’s usually about this time in January when the internet is flooded with content from Tokyo Auto Salon.  For good reason; it’s one of the most look forward to events of the… Continue reading

Encounter: Bayshore Blackout – Shibaura FD3S

  The boys cruised through Shibaura PA this weekend to chase after a few cars they saw at Tatsumi earlier in the night.  This FD was one of the more interesting ones.  Our… Continue reading

One Shot: RE 雨宮ドラえもんRX7

Aoki’s Doraemon themed, RE equipped FD.  

Feature: Misa-Chan R-Magic FD3S “Blacky”

Meet Misa.  Misa was showing her car at the Minkara Meeting and after discussing it a bit with her, I knew I had to make a post on it.  I’m not sure what… Continue reading