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Event: 7’s Meeting Fuji Speedway

    July 7th marks a day in Japan that RX7 owners and enthusiasts rejoice almost religiously.  It’s a day of celebration of a lineage of car that has had an impact on… Continue reading

Feature: Battle Evome’s Wild Heart – Tommy’s FD3S

There is a feeling that some have experienced that is as nerve racking as it is exhilarating.  Some may crumble under it,  feed off of it; becoming stronger, faster.  A sort of pressure… Continue reading

Encounter: パン・スピードアタック! – The Pan Speed FD3S

    Pan Speed.  In the realm of rotary tuning, very few names come before it.  They are top tier; specialists in their territory.  Their flagship car, seen here, is iconic in both… Continue reading

Site News: Select Canvas Prints – Time Limited Release

  I’m very excited to finally be able to release these after working to perfect them for the last month.  When I offer something with the NDF name attached to it, I want… Continue reading

Encounter: Tsukuba TC1000 FC Brothers

  Cruised by TC1000 to watch an open track event while we enjoyed a couple Emerald Mountain Blend’s for a few minutes and spotted these two FC’s.  Pretty simple looking, but as you… Continue reading

Event: Chiba Overrun – Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 V.1

  It’s usually about this time in January when the internet is flooded with content from Tokyo Auto Salon.  For good reason; it’s one of the most look forward to events of the… Continue reading

Encounter: Bayshore Blackout – Shibaura FD3S

  The boys cruised through Shibaura PA this weekend to chase after a few cars they saw at Tatsumi earlier in the night.  This FD was one of the more interesting ones.  Our… Continue reading

One Shot: RE 雨宮ドラえもんRX7

Aoki’s Doraemon themed, RE equipped FD.  

Feature: Misa-Chan R-Magic FD3S “Blacky”

Meet Misa.  Misa was showing her car at the Minkara Meeting and after discussing it a bit with her, I knew I had to make a post on it.  I’m not sure what… Continue reading

Encounter: Direzza Challenge – Dreamworks FD3S

Dreamworks built FD being prepped for a run around TC2000… A nice departure from the aero saturated Evome series – not that you ever need a break from that…

Preview: 藤田エンジニアリング – AFFLUX FD3S

  Recently I had the chance to photograph a very beautiful work in progress – I’ll have a feature of this FEED equipped RX-7 hopefully later in the week.  Stay tuned!    

Desktop: 早朝ドライブ – Sunrise Japan

  There’s something incredibly peaceful about dawn; a time of limited movement, of still air, a time of recollection.  A perfect time to drive out to your favorite location to watch the sun… Continue reading