Encounter: Late Night Flash at G-Corp

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I think, for the sake of variety, that I’m going to switch gears a bit this week.  While there is much more time attack coverage to share with you (not sure that I’ll ever have a shortage of that), I do have quite a bit of files  in the NDF archive that have been collecting dust.  Case in point, earlier this winter I visited Go-san at G-Corporation in Chiba and in his somewhat large driveway sat this beautiful red Silvia.



Encounter: Super Speed – Seki Motor Sports S13

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For a good sixteen years now, the Miyagawa brothers have been designing body panels for a wide variety of cars under the Garage Mak name.  Creative to say the least, they are able to envision their ideal end product and from start to finish execute the process flawlessly.  Each chassis taking on a completely different look, but still retaining the flagship style that Mak is known for.  The aero pieces they created years ago for the S13 are a good example of such style.  A style that Nagano resident Yuichi Seki has taken to an entirely new level…


While it may seem a bit unfortunate that Garage Mak has since discontinued many of the parts on Seki’s car, it’s also something that makes it that much more special.  The Type 2 bumper in combination with carbon, ‘undercover’, or splitter for lack of better terminology, is however still available.  Seki’s choice of painting some parts, and leaving the carbon exposed on others is a style that’s prevalent on all the GM demo cars.


Basking in the afternoon sun of Yokohama.


Refreshing to see three of their demo cars together at once.  The ‘completeness’ of them goes without saying, and the fact that their owners put their own unique characteristics into each is great.


Quick cell phone shot ~


The highly modified SR20, built by Toshitake, puts out an adequate 593 horsepower; more than enough to get him sideways on track.  Actually, that’s pretty much more than enough for anything you’d want to do with the car.  Seki chooses to drift ~


The matte bronze Work Meisters match the red paint beautifully.


Seki’s own brand.


Similar to Baki’s S15, the color of Seki’s car stood out brilliantly against the dull backdrop of our secret spot.


Strong profile.



Another piece that is still offered is the rear canard and diffuser setup.  Something very unique to Garage Mak design.



Browsing through Seki’s Minkara just now I came across the small video he made of their trip to Yokohama for Winter Cafe.  I’m pretty sure I linked it during the posting of the coverage, but it just reminded me again how cool of a guy he is.  On top of that he asked me to sign his car – which I was a little taken aback about.  Then shortly after Baki asked me the same thing hahaha I’m glad I finally got to meet him after chatting online and following his build for such a long time.

See you again soon!


Preview: Occupy Yokohama – The Garage Mak Link

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The Landmark Tower in Sakuragicho, since it’s completion in July of 1993, has always been a favorite building of mine.  The area around the tower has since developed immensely, and it’s turned into quite a wonderful place; one that I’ve spent many days exploring over the years.  So you could imagine my excitement when we were able to gather the 3 Garage Mak demo cars, including Baki’s new NDF Link S15, on the street directly in front of it.  Traffic was literally stopping…we stopped traffic.


Please look forward to this photo set – I promise it’s coming soon!






Encounter: ジーコーポレーション E36

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I had messaged Nakamura-san a few weeks back in hopes I could catch him one evening to shoot the new G Corp demo car.  Sekinei and I had dropped by one afternoon on the off chance they’d be around, but later found out the shop was closed because the crew was at an event at Mobara.  So we had set up a date the next week in the evening time.






Their E36 was parked out front of the shop along the S15, so I decided to snag a few shots of it for the site.  It’s a pretty unique chassis for Japan.  There’s a few E36’s that I see at tracks every once in awhile, but not really many styled like this.






After the S15 shoot I had asked Go about their old S13 with the airbrushed lightning on it, which, if you know of G Corp, you should know of this car (it’s actually still on their homepage).  I hadn’t seen it in years and wondered if they still had it.  When he said yeah, it’s in the back, I got pretty excited…





…until I saw it in this state and a part of me died inside.


I loved this car and everything it stood for, and to see it like this bums me out a little (haha).  He said that they had crashed it and the frame was bent, so they scrapped it.


Anyway, depending on what happens with the S15 photo-set, you  may see it on site sooner or later.  Cheers!


Encounter: ガレージマック! – Motor Games Fuji

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Our partners over at Garage Mak put on a very impressive display at Motor Games last weekend at Fuji.  Amemiya’s S15 looked particularly great on the new Enkei RS05RR.


その後、程なくして、Formura Driftの写真。午前の予選が終わり、Offset Kingの会場へBakkyさんにあって、彼のS15の写真をパチリ。相変わらずかっこいいです。そこで







S15 Revolution kit with carbon rear overs.






I always refer to Baki and Amemiya as the Garage Mak twins, but their cars are actually completely different from one another.






While the exterior is similar, the two builds took very different approaches, with Baki’s S15 taking more ques from time attack cars.  Stripped interior and a much more lightweight approach than Amemiya’s full interior.














If you want more info on this car you should really go pick up the newest Import Tuner.  There’s a great article on this car in the current (and last) issue.






Friend of the NDF.





The third, if not fourth (white Z33), demo car of Garage Mak is the S13 of Mr. Seki.  It’s really too bad they don’t produce this kit anymore as it is one of the best kits available for the S13, rivaling GP Sports.  Those two kits are in a league of their own.






Seki drifts his car on a regular basis, but still maintains a comfortable interior.









Seriously one of the best all around show of cars at the Offset Kings event.  I’m working on processing some RX7 day shots from Fuji at the moment – I’ll try to get them up tonight as well.















Event: GLOW De FEVER Attack Meeting V.3

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Photos: Satsuei Seki / Processing: Sean / Words: Sean

“Attack Meeting GLOW de Fever And Option 2 KAJI ‘S B-Day x Smily Shot & NDF At Doitsu Mura”


Let’s just jump right into the third and final post of the Attack Meeting event because by now you all get the gist of what’s going on, and I’m running out of clever things to write.  At this point everyone had arrived and the remainder of the day was spent chit chatting, checking out other’s cars, and enjoying some BBQ under the cloudy sky of Chiba.




One of the last to arrive was Mr. Iwata-san who towed his EG6, as it’s not street registered.  Apparently, the EG serves as a public transit system when on transport – looks like some friends hitched a ride inside.







I really like this shot.  Just a bunch of friends relaxing and enjoying the day.




I was halfway hoping that Iwata kept the new diffuser he was making on the car, but I don’t think it would fit on the transport.





A look inside the countries lightest EG6…also, a Yuta-ception.






Iwata wasn’t the only Honda present though; Maruyama-san came out in his track EK9…








…and brought a couple friends with him.




Pretty neat to see a kanjo inspired build out here in Kanto region.




I’ve always enjoyed Maruyama’s car.




ZeroFighter support.





Front shot of WataWata-san’s FD, showing signs of extensive track use.




Masumoto-san partaking in a little modeling…






Close look at the front end of his stallion.




Gathering around to see what’s underneath the hood…








A more than immaculate RB26 resides in the GTR.  Check out the holes drilled into the sides of the fenders…every little bit helps.








I didn’t notice it at first, but it’s almost as if the clouds are making a heart…wow…much Attack love.




How’s that for a lineup?




I was pretty astounded when I saw this in the picture files.  This is the RE Amemiya car that was built for Hot Version back in the day (2008?).  If it’s not the same car, it’s an exact replica…I mean exact.  I’m just going to assume it’s the same car.  Ken Amemiya had originally created this car to replace the baby blue FD that dominated the touge for so long.  Dubbed ‘Maou’, this bright green FD won the Hot Version touge battle in 2009 right off the bat mainly due to it’s tremendous balance.




How cool to see it with all the other Attack cars.  The color looks real similar to Narita-san’s green FD.




Can’t get enough of those gradient overlays…




Mr. Iwata-san checking out Aoki-san’s hood vents…probably wondering how much they weigh.







Couple more shots of those wingstands!  くまモンは大好きです~





Some good front end shots with the wide angle.


Satsuei’s Z32 and Maru-kun’s S15, probably the two cleanest Nissan’s there…like literally clean.









…and the best photo of them all.


Well, that’s it from Doitsu Mura.  I hope you enjoyed the exclusive coverage of the meeting.  I really hope this is something they keep going, as it provides a much different atmosphere than circuit side.  Of course, they’ll all have an open invite to this year’s Winter Cafe as well – it’s great to see all these cars together.

Thanks again to Sekinei-san, Hara-san, Aoki-san, and everyone else involved in organizing it.

みんなさん、ありがとう! 楽しっかた!







Event: GLOW De FEVER Attack Meeting V.2

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Photos: Satsuei Seki / Processing: Sean / Words: Sean / Satsuei Seki

“Attack Meeting GLOW de Fever And Option 2 KAJI ‘S B-Day x Smily Shot & NDF At Doitsu Mura”


The calm backdrop of Doitsu Mura provided a stark contrast from that of their common locales.  Tsukuba, Central, Sodegaura, and other circuits regularly play host to their gathering, however not this time.  Instead of meeting as adversaries on track, today, we see the contenders from a more leisurely point of view.  After awaiting for most everyone’s arrival, it was time to start checking the cars out a bit closer.


ドイツ村では、皆さんにSeanさんから託された、Narita Dog FightのStickerを、貼ってもらいました。 心より感謝を申し上げます。 普段、は寒くなってからじゃないと見ることが出来ないAttackの車が、サーキット以外 ドイツの景色の中で見ることが出来て最高でした。Attack開催時の緊張感のあるサーキットでは、 見ることが出来ない、皆様の楽しい雰囲気に触れることが出来て、最高でした。また、Smily Shot の はじ君とランチをご一緒しました。Garage Workの岩田社長からキーホルダー頂いたり、 OP2のカメラマンの金子さんからもステッカー頂いたり、とても光栄で、ありがとうございました。 また今年の冬から来年の冬にかけての寒い季節、Attackの熱い男たちの戦いに、 ご一緒させて頂こうと思います。ありがとうございました。





Another big name in this community is Mr. Daisuke Aoki-san, more often refereed to as the owner of the Doraemon FD.  He is very active in organizing the Attack events, and has played a key role in expanding this group to it’s size today.  Attack events have changed over the past year or two, now becoming more like full sponsored events with vendors, announcers and various media.  A very different feel to events like Battle Evome.

Parked next to the man of the hour here, let’s look a little closer at his FD.






Built at his now prominent shop Ready Go Next, for the longest time now it has been one of the most unique builds in the group.  If you remember our 2013 Battle Evome coverage, you’ll know that even his helmet is Doraemon themed.




The new Enkei RS05RR’s providing an equally aggressive look to the rest of the car and filling up the widebody quite easily.






What Doraemon themed car would be complete without a matching sun visor?  Kaji also made sure there were plenty of the CSG featured Option2 magazines around for friends.







I love little bits like this.





Quite possibly the best wing stands ever.  Kumamon is #1.





Nakajima-san rolling in to the meet after the driving from Saitama.  Strong competitor in Attack, but one I don’t personally see too often so it was nice to get a closer look at his car.






Very aggressive front end package – I really like the carbon splitter uprights.







Really cool car, and it’s not just driven on track either. Nakajima drives it for pleasure to meets or PA’s on weekends as well.






Very clean S15 parked next to Sekinei.  I think this is Seiji-san’s, but I’m not sure.










Really cool 180SX by Technical Motors.





All in all it seemed like quite a bit of variety for such a small first meet.





Shoichiro Masumoto-san of course was in attendance with his iconic R32 GTR.




This car has come quite a long way appearance wise since last year, or even the beginning of this year actually.  I’ve always been a fan of the color, which under the days overcast skies looks more grey than light blue.




Hara-san’s friend – I’ve always loved the massive spokes of the Advan TCIII’s; powerful looking.  Powerful like paper.





Awesome FD parked next to Naomi – I really like those taillights.







…and the dogfight decal haha





Naomi Kotaka-san’s GT3RS.  Always been a fan of this color scheme over the others; it’s a little more matured.




He’s got the same optional stands that are on Mr. Super Now’s orange GT3; an improvement I think over the lower mounted choice.





Since this was a BBQ as well, Hara-san brought an array of puddings for dessert.  His splitter made a nice shelf to store them.





I’ll wrap up the rest of the photos tomorrow after I get a chance to process them.  I’m sure you’ve noticed by now but these photos are a bit larger than what I usually offer.  They came out really good, and the cars are so cool that I thought it was appropriate to edit them in a larger size.


See you tomorrow with more!