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Encounter: Bad Quality’s Nakagawa-san – TAS 2014

  Nakagawa Shuichi’s S13 build is most likely one of the most well known on the internet.  In fact, it was even on the cover of this month’s Super Street magazine.  What amazes… Continue reading

Encounter: Shibadog Works S13

  Wow. Such Drift. Just kidding; I’ll do my best to maintain decent grammar.  Sekinei attended the Lowbrain drift event last weekend, mainly to drive in it, but he also was able to… Continue reading

Encounter: Okamura-san’s Attack S13 – ガラージブリオ

  Here’s another attack enthusiast you don’t see too much of; Okamura-san’s S13.  Also a member of the Gokigenja family, this SR powered S13 coupe was built with the help of Hiteq Garage… Continue reading

Encounter: ガレージ マック Fuji

Last Sunday, since we were in the area for the Minkara meeting anyway, we decided to stop by the Stance Nation meet at Fuji Speedway.  Park and Matt were there as well so… Continue reading

One Shot: モーターガレージJUN Silvia

  The Drift Muscle competitor Motor Garage Jun Silvia doing a few grip laps a few weekends ago at Skyline Owner’s Battle.        

Encounter: ハンサムS14.3

  This handsome looking 14.3 made an appearance at Fuji Speedway during the hellaflush show not too long ago.  It’s not too often you see 14.3 executed so well.       Very… Continue reading

One Shot: Dream Works Pre-Flight

Dream Works  |  高橋浩司  |  夢工房 NISMO 180SX  |  Battle Evome

Event: Wekfest LA 2013 – Long Beach v.2

Continuing my walk around of the Queen Mary grounds where Wekfest was being held, we pick up around 1:30 pm when the crowds started to get bigger.  The tour of shows that Weksos… Continue reading

One Shot: ブリオ & ゴキゲンジャー S13

  One shot of the Brio S13 time attack coupe before Okamura takes it out for some heat around Tsukuba.

Promo: Autocon Promo Trailer Shoot – Los Angeles

  This past weekend Justin, who runs Autocon, messaged me about a trailer they were shooting in Los Angeles for the upcoming Autocon event on June 1st.  It was last minute, so I… Continue reading

Event: Battle Evome – Tsukuba Final Showdown v.3

We pick up on circuit late morning in Tsukuba, where, lap by lap, the times are decreasing ever so slightly.  By this time, many of the drivers have recorded personal bests or were… Continue reading

Event: Battle Evome – Tsukuba Final Showdown v.2

As the morning sun rose over Tsukuba, and the clock closed in on 9am, the lighthearted paddock conversations gave way to a sound that I’m not even clever enough to describe in words. … Continue reading