Encounter: Super Now 997 GT3 RS

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Super Now; an eccentric parts company located in Saitama that focuses mainly on the RX7 and rotary components, but dabbles in many other platforms.  To the average enthusiast, probably not the most familiar name when it comes to Japanese tuners, but one that those in the know would never fail to mention – especially in the Attack scene.  In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find an FD or FC running Tsukuba that isn’t using Super Now arms.








This company, led by Mr. Yoshiaki Imaizumi, may have made a name for themselves in RX7 parts, but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying other chassis’s.  Take Imaizumi-san’s GT3 RS seen here barreling into turn 1 of TC2000.








While he hasn’t starting making parts for Porsche yet, it doesn’t stop him from exploring what the car is capable of on track.
















Check out him ripping up Sendai Highland’s below –






Locale: Misato Quick Stop – Zest Racing

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It seems like such a long time ago, although it was only a few months, that Sekinei and I made the quick drive up to the Misato area to visit Zest Racing.  Zest is a small tuning shop in the Saitama area owned by Mr. Yamazaki-san.  Yamazaki is responsible for quite a bit of engineering behind Hara-san’s FD; something most people don’t know.  Actually, the majority of the work done on the car is done here.  When we arrived, he was working on a new canard set up on the aforementioned FD.

Soon after we arrived, Yamazaki-san went down to the driveway and got us some coffees from the vending machine, and while Sekinei and Hara-san talked, I wandered around the garage and pried Yamazaki for information on all the cool stuff he had lying around; like a magnesium Mugen valve cover he had stuffed under a table.






Hara’s FD looked pretty cool sitting in the shop.






I took the opportunity to have Yamazaki put the whole front end back on the FD so we could shoot the car; the shots eventually ended up in Import Tuner.  I still can’t believe how this car blew up in the states.  Seems like since I posted the shots of the car at the Winter Cafe, everyone fell in love with it.  Now all of a sudden people are slanging the CSG taillights in North America, which is totally cool for Ken and Hara-san.  I’ll stick to the attack side of things though, as you all know I’m not much on the show stuff.






Mr. Yamazaki mounting up the splitter extensions.  Yamazaki has been in the industry for quite some time, starting out in the late 80’s modifying a variety of cars.  In 1999, he began focusing more on time attack builds and customers who focused on weekend racing, so to speak.  Finally, just last year in 2013, he branched off on his own and opened up Zest; a shop which devotes Yamazaki’s full experience to date to create a new future of tuning.






I thought about releasing a canvas of this shot here, as I really think it captures the whole essence of the car; driver and builder.  I may still do it if I find the time.






It was a whole production just to get the car out of the shop…it was actually quite amusing.


That flatbed truck actually belongs to the G-Eyes shop, which is located right next to Zest.  It’s also, coincidentally, where my good friend Nao-san built their Taikyu MR2 (SW20).














Just a few centimeters shy.







I love how, in Japan, some of the coolest shops are located in the most obscure neighborhoods.











Driving around Misato, scouting for some locations.







I shot this sticking out of the Highway Star’s sunroof.  Good times.





Encounter: 本庄サーキットでのNSXテスト

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Typhoon drenched circuits definitely provide ample practice for racing in the rain; as was the case a few weeks ago at Honjo Circuit in Saitama.  This NSX and it’s owner wouldn’t let a little rain stop them though…







We’ll have a few more posts on this open event soon.





Close-Up: Mugen RR Advanced Concept

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Every once in awhile a tuner company will come out with a build that just blows me away.  Well, Mugen is more than just a tuning company, and this is more than just a build; but whatever it is, definitely blows me away.  The Mugen RR Advanced Concept is an almost 100% carbon bodied Civic RR with an extensive modification list that makes it a formidable track opponent going up against just about anything.   Check out more of what makes this beast tick past the break.

Locale: Mugen Headquarters, Saitama – M-Tec Co. LTD

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Happy New Year everyone!  I’m happy to report that NDF has survived its first full year, and that we’re ready to take on 2012 head on.  Let’s kick off the New Year with a little peak around M-Tec Co.’s headquarters in Saitama, Japan.  JDM Clips went exploring the building and it’s surroundings on a trip to go see the Mugen RR Advanced Concept.  It’s been over two years since Mugen has particiapted in Tokyo Auto Salon, and the RR Advanced Concept was their last display vehicle.  With word that Mugen is returning to TAS for 2012, there is much hype building around what car they will have present.  Here at NDF & JDM Clips all bets are on a RR modeled CR-Z!  We’ll have to wait to know for sure.  In the meantime, check out the pics past the break.