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One Shot: Style Front Runners – 冬カフェ

  I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been away for a bit; I’ll have the final post on the NDF Winter Cafe up… Continue reading

Event: NDF Winter Cafe 2013 V.2

  Well, I suppose I’ll just dive into the second part of the NDF Winter Cafe; my apologies on the wait, work has been pretty busy since I returned (If you missed it,… Continue reading

Event: NDF Winter Cafe 2013 V.1

It’s already been a week since we hosted the first official Winter Cafe at Umihotaru, and I’m still very excited about how it turned out.  First and foremost though, I’d like to thank… Continue reading

One Shot: 大黒ストリートスピリット

  Tonight (this morning?), we met up with Yusuke-san and went out to catch some of the streeting that was going on outside of Daikoku.  I’ll be pretty busy for the next week… Continue reading

Desktop: 早朝ドライブ – Sunrise Japan

  There’s something incredibly peaceful about dawn; a time of limited movement, of still air, a time of recollection.  A perfect time to drive out to your favorite location to watch the sun… Continue reading

Site News: NDF Winter Cafe Announced

  As announced this week on the NDF FB page, the date and time has been set for the 2013 NDF Winter Cafe!  On Saturday, November 16th, starting at 10pm, we will be… Continue reading

Encounter: ストライカー – 痛車34

A little bit ago I was at Tatsumi with Park from HTF, Matt from CF and a couple of the Circuit Soul boys, and we ran into this R34 sedan with an incredible… Continue reading

Encounter: 一般ER34 Image To Real – an editorial

  一般. Pronounced ‘Ippan’; meaning ‘ordinary’, or ‘usual’.  A word I would never use to describe the car you’re about to see, but strange enough, one that the owner would.  This post may… Continue reading

Encounter: ナイトラッシュ – BNR32


Encounter: フライラット Levin – Steady Advance

  I can’t remember what day it was but I do remember Alex, Park, Noogz, Matt and I ended up at Up Garage sometime during our last trip; big surprise there right?  Not… Continue reading

Encounter: F40 – Midnight Break Out

Almost mythical in presence; one of Japan’s few F40′s paid us a visit at Tatsumi PA one Saturday night.     It’s almost unreal to see one of these in person – every… Continue reading

Encounter: 魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS ☆

株式会社セブン・アークス – Studio Seven Arcs, producer of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers probably had no idea they would create a sub-culture of automotive styling when they first released the series.  Seems like Strikers… Continue reading