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One Shot: An Afternoon In Misato

    I decided to run through some of the unused shots from the shoot I did with Hara-san that was featured in last months Import Tuner issue.  I’ll have some time throughout… Continue reading

One Shot: Bee-Racing GTR-SX

    Imai-san sure sealed the deal on the controversy envelope with this one.  His 2J powered, GT-R converted 180SX has made a resounding impact throughout the world.  Catch it in the Drift… Continue reading

Preview: ユーティリタスDR30!

When it comes to R30 Skylines, there is no one crazier than Ikegaya-san of Utilitas Japan; and this fully restored 1984 DR30 is a prime example of just how crazy he can be. … Continue reading

Event: チーム山田じゃんけんドリフト!

  Team Yamada is a team…kind of.  Well, maybe the word ‘group’ would better fit the description.  Team Yamada is a group who organize じゃんけん (Janken) events in Japan.  Janken, if you’re unfamiliar… Continue reading

Event: Rainy Mobara – Reverse Entry Mania!

OK, so one day a few weeks ago, Sekinei, Matt and I headed to Mobara the morning that I was supposed to be on a flight back to America.  I’m not sure what… Continue reading

Encounter: Cockpit S15 – 海ほたる Finds

      Awhile back one weekend night I had went to Odaiba to hang out with Asami and her friends.  We had gone to the Tokyo Trick Art Museum which is a… Continue reading

Encounter: X100 Sliding Battle Junkie

  Came across this Kazama equipped Chaser at Mobara during a Team Yamada event earlier in the year.  I’m not sure if it was still the 1J in there, or if the owner… Continue reading

Site News: NDF – Missing In Action

    Well, it’s March 18th, 2014 and I have no doubt in my mind that the last 18 days of life have been the busiest I’ve ever experienced.  I have been going… Continue reading

日本を見つけた: The Eastern Snowfall

It’s been quite some time since I posted something about the ‘日本を見つけた’ series; I believe the last one was on the Sky Tree.  I suppose now that we have some new followers I… Continue reading

Encounter: Rainy Day Trouble – Team Perfect Style

  Last weekend at Mobara, the drift team Perfect Style made a pretty solid appearance for the open event.  I was pretty excited to see such a solid turn out, it really speaks… Continue reading

Encounter: Tokyo’s Midnight – Civic SiR

  Caught this cool, track styled SiR at Tatsumi PA last weekend.  I didn’t get a chance to talk in depth with the owner because just about as soon as he parked, the… Continue reading

Event: RWB New Year Meeting – Roppongi Hills

  Last weekend marked the date for RWB’s annual meet in Tokyo.  Roppongi Hills; an urban district in Minato known for it’s upper class quality of life played host to the event.  The… Continue reading