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Event: Hot Version Live Shooting at Tsukuba v.2

. Continuing on with the coverage of Hot Version’s filming at Tsukuba Circuit, we’ll take a look at more of what the garages held, and also get a preview of some of the… Continue reading

Event: Nisei Showoff 2011 v.1

. C-h-e-c-k.  Check.  OK, my keyboard still works.  Holy shit I’m tired.  Two nights before Nisei I was stuck at work for 23 hours straight.  Yeah that’s right, 23.  I never fully recovered,… Continue reading

Event: 6th Annual JCCS, Long Beach V.2

. On to round 2 of the JCCS coverage.  Like I mentioned in the previous post, engine swaps are all to common at this show;  and this coupe is no exception.  This is… Continue reading