Encounter: まっくリのメルセデス 190E

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A Mercedes 190E is one of the last cars you’d think to see at Tsukuba, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw after arriving for Battle Evome in January.  Admittedly, I first thought it was a rare EVO, but after discussing the car a bit with the owner, it’s a regular 190E with a touch of EVO flare.



Encounter: Super Now 997 GT3 RS

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Super Now; an eccentric parts company located in Saitama that focuses mainly on the RX7 and rotary components, but dabbles in many other platforms.  To the average enthusiast, probably not the most familiar name when it comes to Japanese tuners, but one that those in the know would never fail to mention – especially in the Attack scene.  In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find an FD or FC running Tsukuba that isn’t using Super Now arms.








This company, led by Mr. Yoshiaki Imaizumi, may have made a name for themselves in RX7 parts, but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying other chassis’s.  Take Imaizumi-san’s GT3 RS seen here barreling into turn 1 of TC2000.








While he hasn’t starting making parts for Porsche yet, it doesn’t stop him from exploring what the car is capable of on track.
















Check out him ripping up Sendai Highland’s below –






Encounter: いぢりさんの白い友人

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Sekinei stopped by Daikoku this past weekend for the first time in quite awhile.  It just so happens that Idjiri-san and his friend ‘Sardony’ had cruised through as well.  I’ve posted a few pictures from Idjiri’s Minkara on our Facebook page before; everyone seems to love his blue NSX.  This white one hasn’t changed too much since I last saw it, however he does have a new wing.  This car, in my humble opinion, is the end all.  I’ve been staring at this above photo for a good 10 minutes straight, and I can’t find a single aesthetic thing wrong with the car.  I’m looking forward to possibly shooting this car in the coming months; stay tuned for that.  In the meantime, enjoy the Encounter.












いぢりさん ~













Unicorn party.








Encounter: ByKazu-Satou AE86

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Fuji’s drift course typically has a wide variety of course at any given event.  On this day though, this particular 86 caught my eye.  There are a few things about it that appeal to me.  One being the ‘Geocities’ URL on the skirt…if you know Japan, this should be amusing to you.




Good looking Corolla.



Encounter: 一般ER34 Image To Real – an editorial

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一般. Pronounced ‘Ippan'; meaning ‘ordinary’, or ‘usual’.  A word I would never use to describe the car you’re about to see, but strange enough, one that the owner would.  This post may get a little personal…




I suppose in Japan, it’s fairly common to see four door Skyline’s driving about running every day errands; and I think that’s exactly why I am so attracted to this car.  In fact, the whole back seat was full of shopping bags.  The owner and his girlfriend had just stopped by Tatsumi PA after shopping to relax and have a coffee.  So, I suppose in a sense, it’s not just the car that intrigues me, but what it’s used for; or perhaps just the fact that it’s available to use for such a purpose.   I strolled up to him and casually, suppressing my fanatic carboy excitement, and asked if it was OK to take some photos, to which he happily obliged.




I don’t even know how to explain myself.  In fact, I tried talking to my friend Allan the night I saw this car and what it meant to me and I probably sounded like a lunatic.  I wish I could pinpoint it, but it’s unexplainable…almost like Japan itself.


There’s just something about it I can’t describe.  I got a sense of fulfillment just being near it, as if it’s something I’d been looking for my whole life.




Unfortunately, in my current position, it’s still unattainable.  I’m not particularly bothered by that though, as I still have the knowledge that the option is there for me.  Just knowing that it exists; the car, the parts, the vibe, makes me feel positive about things.




It’s a car you can build a life around.  A life in Japan, with your URAS GT kitted ER34.  Stopping by Tatsumi after a day of shopping with your girlfriend.


And if you didn’t think I was crazy before, I’m glad I could change your mind.






Feature: 贅沢ファイター – Adam Mao’s 2JZ Aristo

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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Adam Mao; the owner of the GS300 you see here.  Adam, a very easy going and very talented young guy, was nice enough to meet up with me in San Jose to snap a few pictures of his car.  A car that he has built on his own, by hand, in his garage over the past few years.


At first glance, it may be difficult to tell what the story is with the car.  Visible signs of damage indicate that he could possibly track it, or maybe it’s just from being at such a low ride height.  Well, the answer is both actually; Adam tracks his car regularly at drift events in the Northern California area, as well as the back streets of San Jose.




Still, there was something about this car that I wanted to experience first hand…something not visible from the outside.





That’s not to say that it’s not visually appealing.  Adam has successfully mixed a combination of luxury sedan and street drift styling.  With SSR Minerva’s in the front, and a temporary set of Volks in the rear.  His rear Minervas, being a staggering 18×12 – 39, had not been fitted yet.






Mild touches inside the cabin make the drive to events a bit more personal.  A Nardi wheel, and Bride seat make up the bulk of the interior modifications.

The one thing I really came to see though, was hiding underneath the bonnet…



Yes, the heart of the Aristo; a 2JZ-GE tuned to a massive 600whp.  What made it more special though, is that Adam built and swapped this engine himself, in his garage.







Adam mentioned that the engine can handle closer to 800whp if ever desired.  What you would do with 800 horsepower, I do not know.  Make a lot of smoke and noise I suppose.


The trunk of the GS, typically used to transport sets of golf clubs to and from the country club, now houses an AEM methanol injection kit.



This car has definitely been transformed from it’s original intention…


…from a quiet, comfortable, luxury sedan, into a luxury fighter.






Once again I find myself meeting another person in this milieu we call cars, and once again I’m not disappointed.  A true enthusiast; thanks Adam for taking the time to meet up.




Encounter: 牛島慎太郎のシルビア S15

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A couple shots of Shintaro’s S15 Silvia at Tsukuba.  Looks like the front splitter makes a nice coffee holder.




Unfortunately, Shintaro didn’t get enough time on track to set a hot lap at this Evome.  He crashed out on one of the last corners early in the day.  Hope he returns next year to try again.