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Encounter: まっくリのメルセデス 190E

A Mercedes 190E is one of the last cars you’d think to see at Tsukuba, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw after arriving for Battle Evome in January.  Admittedly, I… Continue reading

Encounter: Super Now 997 GT3 RS

    Super Now; an eccentric parts company located in Saitama that focuses mainly on the RX7 and rotary components, but dabbles in many other platforms.  To the average enthusiast, probably not the… Continue reading

Encounter: いぢりさんの白い友人

    Sekinei stopped by Daikoku this past weekend for the first time in quite awhile.  It just so happens that Idjiri-san and his friend ‘Sardony’ had cruised through as well.  I’ve posted… Continue reading

Encounter: ByKazu-Satou AE86

Fuji’s drift course typically has a wide variety of course at any given event.  On this day though, this particular 86 caught my eye.  There are a few things about it that appeal… Continue reading

Encounter: 一般ER34 Image To Real – an editorial

  一般. Pronounced ‘Ippan'; meaning ‘ordinary’, or ‘usual’.  A word I would never use to describe the car you’re about to see, but strange enough, one that the owner would.  This post may… Continue reading

Feature: 贅沢ファイター – Adam Mao’s 2JZ Aristo

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Adam Mao; the owner of the GS300 you see here.  Adam, a very easy going and very talented young guy, was nice enough… Continue reading

Encounter: 牛島慎太郎のシルビア S15

A couple shots of Shintaro’s S15 Silvia at Tsukuba.  Looks like the front splitter makes a nice coffee holder.     Unfortunately, Shintaro didn’t get enough time on track to set a hot… Continue reading

Preview: Bay Area 贅沢ファイター

Last week, while I was up in the bay, I stopped by San Jose to take a couple snaps of Adam’s 2JZ Aristo.  Check for the full set soon.  I apologize for the… Continue reading

Event: Wekfest LA 2013 – Long Beach v.2

Continuing my walk around of the Queen Mary grounds where Wekfest was being held, we pick up around 1:30 pm when the crowds started to get bigger.  The tour of shows that Weksos… Continue reading

Event: Wekfest LA 2013 – Long Beach v.1

I can honestly say the last few weeks, for me, have been the busiest I’ve experienced in a long time.  Losing a week in Charlotte for work, playing catch up back at the… Continue reading

One Shot: Editorial – Yankee! Heartbreaker Revived

Yesterday afternoon Franklin and I went out to Cypress to shoot his newly finished SR20 swapped Z32 build.  Franky is a great guy and a good friend so it’s always fun spending time… Continue reading

One Shot: Chiba Cruise – Import Tuner Feature

If you follow this blog, chances are you’ve seen Mr. Harada’s Z32 more than a couple times.  He is a good friend, and I always take time to visit when I’m in Japan. … Continue reading