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Site News: NDF Winter Cafe Returns for 2014

  I am very happy (and excited), to announce that we will be returning to Umihotaru PA this November for another gathering of friends and car lovers.  Just like last year, we’ve made… Continue reading

Locale: Unlimited Works’ Kazuhiro Sato – Evolution’s Tailor

        If by chance you found yourself driving on the Hachioji Highway in Kitamachi, West Yokohama, there’s a possibility that you may catch sight of a bright red building in… Continue reading

Encounter: いぢりさんの白い友人

    Sekinei stopped by Daikoku this past weekend for the first time in quite awhile.  It just so happens that Idjiri-san and his friend ‘Sardony’ had cruised through as well.  I’ve posted… Continue reading

Event: NDF x CPK6 x Maruyama Summer Civic Meet

    A month or so ago Maruyama-san had got together with Sekinei and organized a Civic meet at Daikoku PA that was to be held last weekend.  The original idea came about… Continue reading

Encounter: 大黒ふ頭ハングアウト S15

    Cruised around Daikoku Friday night to find the typical mix of cars and people hanging out.  Matt and I slept in Sekinei’s van for like an hour before getting up to… Continue reading

Encounter: Kamakura Carrera RS

  Asami and I were walking about Kamakura this weekend when we spotted this beauty idling down the street.  Perhaps a 1976 Carrera RS in iconic Gulf Racing livery.       The… Continue reading

Encounter: え!振り向く! Street R33

    Sekinei, Keito and I were driving to lunch after visiting Unlimited Works last weekend when I spotted this pretty cool R33 parked in a lot on the street we were on. … Continue reading

Locale: Kunny’z – 行きましょう!♪

  Throwing it back to last year when Jay and I stopped by Kunny’z to say hi to Kuniaki-san and Masahiko-san, seen here rocking the Uggs.  I had met Kunny-san awhile back briefly,… Continue reading

One Shot: Kei’s Street Special R32

  I was going to make a wallpaper post out of this, but then out of laziness I just decided to post it here in hi-res because I already posted it on the… Continue reading

Site News: NDF – Missing In Action

    Well, it’s March 18th, 2014 and I have no doubt in my mind that the last 18 days of life have been the busiest I’ve ever experienced.  I have been going… Continue reading

日本を見つけた: The Eastern Snowfall

It’s been quite some time since I posted something about the ‘日本を見つけた’ series; I believe the last one was on the Sky Tree.  I suppose now that we have some new followers I… Continue reading

Encounter: Bayshore Blackout – Shibaura FD3S

  The boys cruised through Shibaura PA this weekend to chase after a few cars they saw at Tatsumi earlier in the night.  This FD was one of the more interesting ones.  Our… Continue reading