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Editorial: Blueprint – Japan’s approach to Emotional Engineering

  Kansei Kougaku (感性工学) – a design methodology that serves to elucidate the user’s emotional response into the realm, or sphere so to speak, of a product or commodity.  Founded by Hiroshima University… Continue reading

Feature: Deep Grip RE – Tomo’s Circuit-Bred FD

Saitama native Nakajima Tomoyoshi, or Tomo for short, is an avid fan of the RX-7.  Unique in many ways, the car has stolen his attention for better half of several years.  Before he… Continue reading

Editorial: Morning Coffee – Friday Kamikaze

I don’t know if it’s the coffee I made, the recent lack of sleep, or what, but I feel like riffing a little today.   I’m not a writer.  I mean, I can… Continue reading

Locale: ADVANCE Hello’s and Harajuku Strolls

  Awhile ago, I had messaged my friend Masahiro that I was in the area and if he was at the ADVANCE, I would stop by to say hello.  Fortunately he was there,… Continue reading

Feature: Nagano’s Battleship – Amemiya’s War Ready S15

    No stranger to magazine interiors, Hiroshi Amemiya’s S15 has been the center of attention for many publications throughout the past year or so including Super Street, Hyper Rev, Option2 (twice!).  In… Continue reading

Encounter: Super Speed – Seki Motor Sports S13

For a good sixteen years now, the Miyagawa brothers have been designing body panels for a wide variety of cars under the Garage Mak name.  Creative to say the least, they are able… Continue reading

One Shot: Winter Evenings at Advance

Masahiro-san invited me to stop by Advance the other evening to check out a customer’s NSX that was coming all the way from Shizuoka to get, among other things, a new differential installed. … Continue reading

Encounter: Youthful Frenzy – Yoshi’s NojiReal built 86

  I first had the pleasure of meeting young Yoshinori-kun at Idlers in 2013 in Motegi (actually we first met at RWB, but that’s beside the point).  He had been helping the entire… Continue reading

One Shot: としたけのシルビア

  Toshitake’s S15 in the underground lot of Osanbashi Pier for the Option2 farewell meet.

Feature: The Affinity of Connection

  As you may or may not know, I work in the airline industry; and in my position I travel quite frequently.  Over the years I’ve come to not only enjoy flight in… Continue reading

Preview: Occupy Yokohama – The Garage Mak Link

  The Landmark Tower in Sakuragicho, since it’s completion in July of 1993, has always been a favorite building of mine.  The area around the tower has since developed immensely, and it’s turned… Continue reading

One Shot: アイエスオートFD3S

  AS Auto is an outfit out of Saitama that sells highly modified sports cars; not unlike their demo car seen here at TC2000.  Good style, fast speed.