The rebirth of Narita Dog Fight

Well, I’ll have to admit, this project has been slow going.  Since I became serious about photography, I’ve always wanted to start a genuinely legit blog.  Two years ago, I created NDF as a way to keep visitors informed on world motorsports.  However, due to lack of time and drive, NDF spent a year occupying a less than ideal google-pages type website, with it’s only visitors being linked from my more popular Flickr and Fotologue site.

Today, though, I have new drive.  I have a true vision, and intend on pursuing what I had expected from the beginning.  NDF will take the form of a *soon* modified wordpress blog, and I’ll have the domain name registered again as well.

This site will be home to all types of media about Japan, and motorsports – my two passions, that I, hopefully, share with many others.  Pages for automotive news, feature cars from America as well as Japan, videos & photos from Japan, photography how-to’s, and guest writers will all be part of the experience.  I hope you enjoy it.