News: BURST is BACK!


*Taken from 7tune – FYI 7tune is a super legit blog, def. check them out if you haven’t yet.

News comes to us from the international staff at Tomei Powered in Machida that Naoki Nakamura, the reigning champion of the D1SL series in 2010 and here pictured with Takuya Hamakawa of Car Studio (D-Max), is now set to return for the 2011 season. In what competition you ask? We have very informed ideas about that…

The main point here is that, as 7tune reported, Keiichi Tsuchiya is looking to start a new series very shortly and we can confirm after having spoken to Dorikin about the matter, that the new series will begin this year between March and April. This places nicely for a man looking to bounce back and make amends.

I received word today that the information posted regarding Nakamura’s ties to Tomei Powered were inaccurate. Nakamura has no ties to Tomei Powered other than the use of their parts. Tomei Powered’s initial post was only in regards to a visit where Nakamura expressed positive feedback from Tomei Powered parts. They are neither supporting him or acting as sponsors.

Tomei Powered

This is awesome news!  NDF wishes you luck in whatever series you see yourself in this year!  Check back soon for a spotlight on Naoki’s S13 AND the D-MAX S15~!