One Shot: Back to Boost Update III – Wheel Fitment

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Some of you might know I’ve had this pair of mismatched Volk GR-N’s sitting in my house for quite a while now waiting for tires.  My original plan was to get some Z1 Star Specs, but think I’ll save those for a set of track wheels.  Anyway, I came across a great deal on a set of Nitto NT450’s; not a great performance tire, but perfect some occasional fun on the street.  Both wheels are 15×7 but the offset of the front wheels is +35 while the rears sit at +42.   I currently have 5mm spacers up front, and 3mm spacers in the rear bring the offset to +30 up front, and +39 in the back.

Once I press in the rear studs, I’ll be raising the car a tad and increase the offset with additional spacers.  It will eventually be +25 in the front and +34 in the rear.  As it sits now the fronts rub at full lock, which is not optimal.  I’m still in the market for a set of used TE-37’s in the same size, although I’d settle for another set of GR-N’s – these will be used on the track and will most likely be wrapped in the Dunlops.

As far as the engine goes, there hasn’t been much progress.  I took out the catalytic converter and put my test pipe in again.  I didn’t really have a reason to do that, other than to fix an exhaust leak that was bugging the shit out of me.  I’m still waiting on an ECU and some oil lines to finish up the kit and get ready for the install.  I did fab up the space in my front bumper for the EVO 9 intercooler I picked up last month.  I ended up dremelling off all the brackets and will fab up my own to attach to the bumper support and frame.

This shot was taken in the underground parking garage at my intermittent home in Westwood, Los Angeles.  I had planned on taking a 7 exposure HDR but forgot my tripod!  This was the best handheld I could get.  I’ll be back soon with some more updates after this week.  Anyone going to Nisei Showoff this Saturday?  I’ll be there, so if you go to enjoy the festivities be sure to stop and say hi.