Garage Life: More Japan Garage Sale

Yesterday evening More Japan held a garage sale at their headquarters in Torrance.  It was held later in the day, so most of us were free to attend.  They had a raffle going on for a chance to buy a set of SSR Type-F’s and Type-C’s at an extremely discounted price; $800 and $700 respectively.  Really, that’s the only reason we were there.  We actually had really good timing because about 10 minutes after getting there and getting our tickets, they began calling out ticket numbers.  Long story short, one of the tickets our group had was called for the Type-F’s and celebration ensued.  Not really a celebration, but we were all pretty stoked.

Edgar came along too in his blue version of Franklin’s Z32…or is Franklin’s Z a version of Edgar’s blue Z?   Whatever.  Time freezes when those two cars are together anyway – I don’t think the world can handle that much awesome concentrated in one spot.

Veilside NSX.  I saw this at AutoCon, but snapped a few more pics of this for Yuta now that he works at Versus.

Pretty neat little 86.

Pretty neat little 86.

Amuse kitted 370 on SL.  I’m pretty happy people realize how great this kit is.

The planets and stars must have all been aligned that day, because not only did we win the Type-F’s, but Lot-Usa had a legit INGS+1 Honda Fit bumper for sale for just $300.  Allan quickly decided that it had to be his.  Yuta wanted to instagram a picture because he’s so technologically advanced, so I took a picture of him taking a picture of Allan.

We test fitted it in the parking lot; it looks great.  I think he should leave it black.  That’s about all I got.  I wasn’t even planning on bringing my camera along but did just for kicks.  Got some stuff from ASM and Super GT test day coming up so stick wit it.