Garage Life: Repair, Replace and Pretend



A few weeks ago Teddy blew a coolant hose on his drive home from work.  With the 240 being his daily, this seemingly simple issue was one that needed to be addressed quickly.  So back at his shop, some of the norush guys helped remove the manifold to get to the hose, and provided company.  It turned out taking longer than normal because we’re all a bunch of retards according to Teddy.  Looking back on these pictures though, brings into clearer focus something that was already apparent to me; I (we), like to pretend.




I have been graced with the ability to travel to Japan often, and spend a good portion of my time there.  It’s true though, that we (I) can’t be there all the time.  When I’m not, I think (we) do a pretty good job of pretending otherwise.  At first glance, if you didn’t know any better, you’d think that you were looking at a little shop based just outside of Chiba, and not Southern California.  I’d like to think we’re bringing the real culture of Japanese motor sport to the US in this way.  This is our way of escaping the trends, escaping the keyboard warriors, escaping the soul-less, to escape opinion and wait for the sun to go down; this is garage life.  /my random thoughts ~