Close-Up: オミオさんのlowdownスカイラインHCR32


Looking back at the pictures from Nao’s 90’s Cafe Meet at Heiwajima PA, I’m realizing that the turnout was quite good; better than I had anticipated actually.  Throughout the night, various cars from the 90’s era came and went, made greetings and introductions, made small talk over coffee and cigarettes, and left to go enjoy the rest of the evening.  Of the many cars that turned out, this HCR32 was one of my favorite.  The car belongs to Omio-san, and I’m thankful he happily obliged to stage it for me to take a couple photos.  The parking spaces are quite narrow, so you really can’t get any good shots without moving the cars around.


The first thing you’ll likely notice about this coupe is how incredibly clean it is; literally it is very clean, as in not dirty.  Even the inside of the wheels were spotless.  The sleek profile is achieved thanks to a set of modified ZEAL N1 dampers.  Assisting in the steering are a set of GP Sports tie rods, and ends up front.


The AVS Model T5’s do a mediocre job of hiding the Nismo brake setup in front, but a great job of looking good.  This wheel is a nice change up from the Model 5’s we see quite often.



The LED lighting on this car matches the sharp exterior.


Many thanks to Omio-san for positioning the car and allowing me to take a couple shots!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at 90’s Cafe again in a couple months!  Hope you enjoyed this unique R32, and have a great holiday ~