Close-Up: Garage Fun MKIII Supra


My good friend Nao, who owns Garage Fun, also organizes a 90’s meet every once in awhile on the skirts of Tokyo.  Last time I went, much to my liking, he had charged up the battery in his MKIII and brought it out for some street fun.


セキネイ and ハラダ checking out something on the Z.


Nao actually said he hadn’t driven it for a few months, so I’m glad he took the time to charge the battery and bring it out.  Everything on this car is geared toward high speed.


DANDY, 70 Love, and Garage Fun decals permanently adhered to the rear window.  All good.


Interior shot – all things monitored.  One gauge he still wants to get is a AFR or wideband.  I won’t go into detail on power specs and engine setup because he’d rather keep it a secret; but believe me when I tell you this thing is FAST.


Kind of a group shot, plus the Toyota Kei transport car on Pro Drives ^^ – looking forward to planning the first DogFighter Cafe in February!