Close-Up: Magician マークII [JZX110]


Since I won’t be back in Japan for about another month, I figured I’d start posting some more of the D1SL content I have that has been ignored for awhile.  My friend セキネイ and I made our way up to Nikko Circuit for one of the later rounds of Street Legal to catch some of the action going down.  It turned out to be a beautiful day spent with a handful of great cars.  One being the Magician Mark II driven by Mr. タカミヤ ユウキ, and driven well at that.


ユウキさん showing some love in the staging lane.  I love events like this – free reign.


I’ve loved watching this car take on different forms throughout the years.  It’s really been a time capsule of style.


Livin’ the dream…


Hitting the straight sideways, straight sideways ~

Magical tall coats.



More soon ~

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