Close-Up: NA1 – Sunset At Streets


Over the past weekend a couple of friends and I attended an open event at Streets.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t driving, but I still like to come along because you really never know what you’ll find at the track; case in point, the NSX you see here.





If you’re a CARBOY like myself, just seeing a stock NSX driving around the states is exciting enough.  Getting to see one on circuit is even better though.  NSX-spec Rega EVO Promada’s sit staggered on the four corners of the car, and are home to the Nitto NT-01’s that provide the grip needed to propel this car around Streets at a blindingly quick 1:23~.


The engine itself remains relatively stock, with a sump installed for added protection.  It just goes to show how advanced the NSX is as a purpose built circuit racer; with a good driver behind the wheel of course.



Rated just around 230whp, this car is the embodiment of Japanese tuning.




A Recaro Pro-Racer and Personal wheel make up the necessities inside, and a great place for Will to pilot his car around the track.




These sunset pictures are uploaded a little higher-res than usual, in case you’d like to use one for a desktop.  While WSIR may be in the middle of nowhere, it does provide some pretty sunsets at dusk.




Hope to see this car again sometime soon, I know it’ll be hard to miss if I do!




This last shot is available in hi-res in the wallpaper section.  Cheers.