One Shot: 夢工房 NISMO 180SX



I apologize for the lack of updates recently, but I’ve been a bit busy the past week or so.  Today I attended the last Battle Evome of 2013 with a friend at Tsukuba Circuit – look for special coverage on that in the near future.  For now I thought I would post this picture up of the Nismo RPS13 on it’s way back home from Tsukuba.  I know this isn’t the greatest quality, but the shot was a bit rushed!  It’s hard to remember that many of the entrants are street cars.  We were lucky enough to take the same way home as Koji-san and his insane 180SX so I was able to snap a few shots of it on the street.

Stay tuned for full event coverage, as well as a close-up of each of the cars.

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