Close-Up: ATTKD BNR34 – Time オーテック


I first encountered the ATTKD street-spec R34 on our way to Battle Evome last February; we had stopped to grab some coffee at 711 and in the parking lot was the entire ATTKD entourage, including this Skyline…


It’s exterior is very mild, and in Japan, could easily be mistaken for your normal R34 – and not one that was about to be tearing up Tsukuba in one of the most famed Time Attack competitions in the world.


Although, to be honest, many of the cars at this event are street cars.  Registered, and driven often.  That’s what makes the competition so much better.


As the sun rose, the dark of early morning gave way to the light of race day…


On track the R34 did well, pacing in the sub one-minute times all day, taking home a best of 59.216.


Very impressive considering the mild aero it’s running.


However, considering the massive amounts of power the fully built RB26 is pushing, the competitiveness of this car comes as no surprise.  Especially given the history that ATTKD has with Skylines.


Laying down fast laps all morning, and being able to drive home; priceless.  This last image is a wallpaper – feel free to click and use.  Cheers.


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  2. The reason why R34 is number one on ma list,unlimited awesomeness!..

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