Feature: ポンダリさんのワイドボディ Z32


As I’m sitting here, looking through the January 2013 issue of Option, page 44 specifically, I can’t help but reminisce on a specific attendee of my Dog Fighter Cafe in February (2 if you count くめさん, he’s in the same issue!).  Actually, the widebody Z32 you see here is not just in the pages of Option, but rather, on the cover.  Although I think I left that issue at work…yes, I have Option mags at work.


I’ve been somewhat slow in putting up pics from the meet I co-hosted with Nao-san and the 90’s Cafe group, but I think I’ll start it off with his Z32.  Pon-san has put in a tremendous amount of work to get the car to where it is now.  All the body work you see is completely one-off, and hand crafted.


Including all the little details; like the LED’s under the door handles…


…attached to what happens to be lambo doors.


Rounding out the 4 corners are matte black Hyper Forged wheels, with an anodized, brushed gold lip – if you know anything about luxury wheels, you’ll know that these are not what you’d consider cheap in price…but really, I can’t think of a better fit for this car.


Craft square mirrors help him see around the wide body of the Z.


I’d like to thank Pon for coming out to the Cafe, and hope to see him next time I’m in Japan.  ありがとうございました!


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  2. That is one epic car!!

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