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I make it a point to visit Spoon and Type One each time I go to Japan; actually, this is about the 4th or 5th post on NDF about visiting the shop!  It’s such a staple in the Honda tuning community that it’s impossible for me to pass up.  Not to mention I’m getting pretty good at getting there.  This time though, was a bit different though…




…this time would be my first seeing the shop in it’s new form.  Late 2012, Type One undertook a pretty big makeover aesthetically, and I’ve been wanting to see it in person ever since.




If you remember last time I visited, you’ll see a big change in their second floor shop space.




Gone are the shelves lined with racing memorabilia, and in it’s place; a minimalistic display of Honda valve covers.




As well as a few choice engines on display; like this cut away B series.




I was pretty happy to see the Super Taikyu EK9 build they’ve been working on for this upcoming season (which is starting soon!).  It will be nice to see this out on track with their iconic S2000 contender.


Type 9




Speaking of which…




It’s counterpart was resting on the lift.




The shop usually has some unique builds hiding out – like this black and white S2000…curious to see what it will be used for.  Maybe just a demo car?  The livery is quite different than what were used to seeing though!




Their CRZ was also in the shop, just behind their FD2.  Type13


I sat down for a bit and had a chat (read: tried to have a chat) with the employee and got a few stickers.  I noticed this toy CRZ, and then glanced up…




…to see the real thing haha.  Although I may see the same cars quite often, Type One never disappoints me.










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  2. Actually what are the wheels on the Spoon Liveried FD2 car?

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