Close-Up: さわださんの2000GTX – A 70’s Classic


One of the surprise guests at the last NDF Cafe that we held, belonged to a friend of Sekinei’s.  サワダさん got quite a bit of attention from everyone when he rolled into Umihotaru in his fully restored, 1970’s (73′?) Datsun GTX2000.


The car’s appearance was a dramatic change from the rest of the attendees.  As I had paired up with Nao-san and his 90’s Cafe, this car was a good 20 years older than the majority of those that came.




I wasn’t the only one that had my eye on the car either.  Tec-Art’s long coat a must for the chill Winter temps.


After bombarding Sawada-san with questions about his car, it was decided that we move the Cafe to Daikoku PA, just to mix things up a bit.  Plus the chilling wind from being in the middle of the sea was leaving us frozen to the core.


Leaving Umihotaru and blasting through the Aqualine.  The car’s exhaust tone had a distinct and timely note that fit the car’s L-Series engine perfectly.


We pulled up to Daikoku PA and Sawada parked a bit away from the group for some isolated shots.  The lights from the parking area, and resting trucks provide a great backdrop for the classic car.  I can’t think of a better set of wheels that match the Bluebird as well as the gold Panasport G7 C8R wheels do.


The L20A remains true under the hood with a full tune-up and a set of velocity stacked, Hitachi carbs’s; the reason for the great sound in the Aqualine.



A couple shots of the very period-appropriate interior.  70’s theme all around here with the Playboy ashtray, the glow of the plug in light, and the ‘lava lamp’ shift knob.  The car smelled just like you would imagine too; I was hit with a wave of nostalgia as I opened the door to take these.


One last shot before putting the camera away and just hanging out at Daikoku.  It was pretty cold, and I wanted to get my hands out of the wind and wrapped around a warm coffee can.  Thanks to Sawada-san for coming out to NDF Cafe, hope to see you next time!