Event: Wekfest LA 2013 – Long Beach v.2


Continuing my walk around of the Queen Mary grounds where Wekfest was being held, we pick up around 1:30 pm when the crowds started to get bigger.  The tour of shows that Weksos organizes has become such a staple in the community that the crowds seem to draw themselves.  I’ve become pretty selective in my coverage of shows in the past year or so, and while you won’t find a picture of every car here on NDF, you will see cars that catch my eye as being built with a particular mindset.  Cars that reflect a bit of Japan in them; like this Amuse Vestito kitted Z34.


This BMW Z4 was parked all by itself and while not particularly my cup of tea, it does give off a bit of Japan vibe.  While it’s got a ways to go, it still really reminded me of Mizote-san’s Z4.  Possibly because you don’t see these built too often.


Simple JDM front end DC2 on 17″ TE37’s.


Nicely styled Civic.



Another couple shots of the Evo 9 I really liked.  Props for the Advans too.


Yuta taking a picture of some clear tails on a hatchback that he liked – you can see them on his Instagram @yutaakaishi



This 240 was kind of neat.  I like the Top Secret front bumper a lot.   It also had a lot of nice touches that most people overlook; like the headlight vent.


There was definitely no shortage of FRS and BRZ at the show…



There was probably a good dozen of them on hand, all together in the front lot.  I liked the Project Mu livery on the top one.



The owner of this Hakosuka is named Mike; I had the pleasure of meeting him at the show.  This car was featured alongside Yuta’s S30 in the Japanese magazine Daytona.  The turbocharged RB20 makes for a pretty quick car.


Some of the shots were overwhelmed with the saturation of the grass, so I did this fancy, beginner Photoshop effect and made it black and white.


…and then I did it again here.  Equip’s have to be one of my favorite wheels – they looked especially good on this Suzuka Blue S2000.


I liked this white CR on Mugen MF-10’s a lot as well. Very conservative…




I’ll wrap up this part of the coverage with more shots of the very well thought out EF build by ATS Garage.  I read some talk on the NDF Instagram (@naritadogfight) of the owner possibly supercharging it.  Although I’m always up for improving engine performance, I really feel that these cars should stay NA.  If more power is needed, I’d rather see a set of ITB’s and a nice tune as opposed to forced induction.  It would fit the overall feel of the car much better, and wouldn’t overwhelm the chassis.  That’s just my humble opinion though; curious to see if it will be changed much at the next show.